The tournament is over! The finalists have been contacted.  The final game will be Race for the Galaxy on BoardGameArena. Cheer on our finalists on twitter! The Game Master will be announced Sunday!

The following 4 Iggles made it into the finals and will meet together on BoardGameArena to play one final sudden death game. One Iggle will emerge VICTORIOUS!!!

8PM CST is the time of Play.  (9AM in Perth, 9PM in New York, 8PM in Dallas, and 7PM somewhere in Canada)

LET ME PRESENT. . . . YOUR FINALISTS!!!! (No flaming spinning skirts allowed.)




Michelle Therese

Honorable Mention: Joanna

Log in to BoardGameArena and start playing Race for the Galaxy.

To Initiate a Game

  1. On, click on the game you want to play (only one player needs to set up the table).
  2. On the game page, there is a button that allows you to create a table.
  3. Once you have opened up a table, you can select your game speed. Choose a preference that works for you and your opponent.
  4. Then scroll down and input the name of the player(s) you want to play using their BoardGameArena name.
  5. Make sure for groups of 4, you raise it to groups of 4.
  6. Follow the directions of BoardGameArena, which will help you as you work through the site. .

Good luck!