This Saturday I’ll be uploading a tag video for Iggle Camp to my YouTube channel at 10amCST / 8amPST
A tag video is basically a list of questions answered in video form and then passed on to a few others to do the same. If everyone who gets tagged ever makes a video, it has the appearance of a pyramid scheme. That’s an odd comparison but you get the idea. I really just want to help encourage more people to try out vlogging on YouTube. It’s something I was afraid to do for so long but it’s been such a rewarding hobby.

I’ll be tagging Kristina Horner, Leo Camacho, and BeautifullyReckles. They all have lovey channels, please check them out. (Leo is also going to be a part of the Everyday Cosplay Panel (Webinar) at 6pm CST on Thursday Aug. 21st) I hope those I tag then go ahead and make their own videos tagging more IggleTubers! If you make YouTube videos make sure to comment on my video this Saturday so those I tag can see! I hope you all enjoy this tag game, go forth and make videos!

Jennifer Sargent
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