Hey Iggle Gamers! New month, new challenges! Let me start by saying I’m sorry about how late this is going up! I’m in the middle of finals. However, I’m really excited about this month’s choices, and I hope you are too. We are also still working on some fun activities we can do, so please, if you have any awesome ideas- let us know! Towards the end of the month I will be posting in the forums a post for game suggestions for the month of July, so keep your eyes out. We want your input!

Once again, we’ve chosen 5 games for you with three chances for an achievement! Tweet us @Igglegamers to let us know about your progress with hashtags #igglesplay #igglevideogames and/or #igglegamers!

1 out of 5 – Weekend Warrior
3 out of 5 – Relentless Knight
5 out of 5 – Pixel Champion

Not only that, but for connecting with other Iggles online you get the Iggle Play Date Achievement!

Onto the games for June 2015!


PlayStation and Xbox
Destiny is a first person shooter game in a “mythic science-fiction world.” You wake up in a universe where humans have spread out and colonized planets.  An event known as “The Collapse” saw the dissolution of those colonies and mankind is in danger of going extinct. The survivors, remaining on Earth, were saved by the Traveler- a giant sphere that hovers over the last remaining city. Its presence allows you, the guardian, to wield an unknown power in your fight about the Fallen.


Just Cause 2
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows
Set just four years after the first Just Cause game, you are Rico Rodriguez – one of the Agency’s main operatives- and dropped on a dystopian island. Your goal is overthrow an evil dictator known as Pandak “Baby” Panay and to confront Rico’s old mentor Tom Sheldon, who is believed to have gone rouge. Note: Right now if you are a gold member on Xbox, you can get the game for free.


Donkey Kong Country Returns
Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Released in 2010, this Donkey Kong game revolves around new creatures called Tikis (who replace the classic Kremlings). Evil Tikis were awakened by a volcanic eruption and are going through the island, hypnotizing all the animals and stealing Donkey Kong’s bananas. Since Donkey Kong is resistant to the music that hypnotizes, he sets out with Diddy Kong to retrieve his bananas.


Tomb Raider Relic Run
Android, IOS, Windows 8 phone
A shadowy conspiracy threatens the world, and only Lara Croft can uncover the truth! Carter Bell has gone missing and left a trail of relics. Lara tracks Carter and discovers all the relics are connected to an evil asura, who appears to be a real threat to the world!
This is an adventure runner, and last checked, Free to play.


Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Andriod, IOS
This is personally my favorite endless runner game and is also Free to play. With beautiful art the whole way through, you run your unicorn through vast worlds, charging through giants and jumping over cliffs and rocks. You get a whole bunch of choices for customizing your unicorn, the choice whether to play on team rainbow or team inferno, and you can even customize the music you run to.

We hope you enjoy this month’s games! Always feel free to give us game suggestions, and we will make an effort to at least choose one of the top suggestions, if not more. We are also always looking for more ideas, so keep those coming too! And again, remember to keep us updated on your progress on twitter @Igglegamers #igglesplay #igglevideogames #igglegamers.
Hope to hear from you all soon and hope you enjoy!!