Get ready for a tale of adventure, fun, and surprise! A tale about how 20 or so Iggles took a tour of Gallifrey. About how the Iggles dominated Brooklyn when we decided to take over the venue side of the Way Station bar in Brooklyn, swap deets, get gifts, and have a few Whovian inspired cocktails! (They really knocked me on my bum, for serious.)

Hello Iggles!

IGGPPC Meet Up at the Way Station in NYC

Welcome to the Way Station, here's a picture of my bum

We had an epic Iggle Meet Up at the Way Station in Brooklyn, New York. For those of you who’ve been living in a box for the past hundred years, The Way Station is a Doctor Who themed bar with a life size TARDIS in it!

While at the Way Station, we did… lot of drinking. 😀 Just look at this amazing themed menu! (All the drinks were really as delicious as they sound!)

The Iggle Cocktail was delicious

I myself started off the night with a Blue Moon. I was a little sick and the bubbles helped my scratchy throat. Nothing says health and wellness like beer! I quickly moved on to have some of the more interesting drinks quite soon. I had the 11th Doctor, the 10th Doctor, and our own invented cocktail, the Iggle! That’s right… our friend from the Way Station totally made up his own drink for our event! It had a mix of 3 different liquors from around the world, making it quite the appropriate International blend any Iggle would enjoy! It’s pictured above!

Iggles arrived to a table stocked full of goodies, including business cards, stickers, candy, and more! As the day progressed, we drank, giggled, talked about the origins of the IGGPPC, and of course, gave away some rad gifts.

Our fabulous sponsors

We had a few gifts to giveaway, thanks to a few amazing sponsors who donated some fantastic door prizes! & Geek Modish

I absolutely love the red pixel heart necklaces that and Geek Modish donated. I already owned one but my pals Desiree and Tamara won 2 as well! Necklace triplets! Geek Modish also donated a black pixel heart pin and a wooden pi pin which was given to the person who could name pi to the most digits. If you’re wondering what is all about, it’s sort of like a geek mall, full of hand picked geeky awesome! Plus, they sell my my Etsy’s product, Doctor Who minimalism stationery, so I really like them 🙂

Gears and Dolls

Our friend from Gears and Dolls donated pink tentacle earrings, a gorgeous steampunk mini top hat, and some steampunk inspired cog hair barrettes! Such super cute and crafty steampunk goodness!

This Little Piggy

Josh took home an awesome Buffy comic book donated by Tamara as well as an adorable stuffed piggy from This Little Piggy on Etsy! What a cute little piggy :3

Knerd’s World

Jana from Knerd’s World donated some amazing knitted goodies including an epic Jayne Cobb from Firefly hat, which Aryn won!! So cute. She also makes little pouches themed to the Harry Potter houses!

JewelBox Inc

Annie from the JewelBox Inc donated a gorgeous Supernatural silhouette necklace, which Tamara won! I hope to add a picture of this prize on Tamara 🙂

Squishy Squashy Friend, Geek Silhouettes, and The Eavesdown Docks

Yissel sort of went all Showcase Showdown on everyone and won 3 epic prizes! She took home a Yoda silhouette portrait as well as upcycled CD’s, re-purposed into Star Wars coasters from Geek Silhouettes. She also took home a kawaii little Hulk Amigurumi from Squishy Squashy Friend, and a Wonder Woman bracelet from The Eavesdown Docks! And she scored a fabulous black pixel heart necklace from Geek Modish. Seriously, I hope to get this pixel heart necklace thing a big trend! All Iggles must wear one!!

Iggle Lysa brought some handmade stationery of geeky epic proportions! She is so talented 🙂 I love the art style on her stationery! Oh, and Iggle Brenna of @SweetieSweep donated some really cool Star Trek jewelry!

I had such a blast with my Iggles. I can’t wait until the next meet up! Apologies if I left out any details, pictures, or credit but I’d like to add to this post, so send me anything I missed! I’m only 1 woman you know!

Stalkfest! Who Went?

I rounded up the names and contact details of the Iggles and Miggles who attended… for proper stalkerdom. Here we go!

My co-host Aryn | @readacrosstime |
Tamara | @lilbigtrouble | | Instagram
Yissel | @TheDesignerGeek | | Tumblr
Jamila | @Girl_Gone_Geek | Instagram |
Nikki | @ahhtheenikki
Kristin | @keeshtihn | Instagram
Josh | @JgoldbergDFTBA | Tumblr
Stephanie | @atomictroops | Tumblr
Kimmie | @kimmiedearest | About.Me | Instagram
Honora | Instagram
Desiree | @dezziec3000 | Instagram
Lysa | @mercurialgirl88 | Instagram

I am sure I am forgetting some of the amazing girls who went, but please don’t hold it against me! It’s hard to remember all those names! Please get at me if I messed up with the contact details, if you want me to add or remove anything 🙂

Remember to give a big thank you and a like to The Way Station on Facebook, and don’t forget to follow @darlingstewie on Twitter!

Much love Iggles + Miggles!
– Stewbz

PS: Ann from Geek Modish has kindly made us a coupon code for her Etsy! Get 10% off with code IGGLES until August 31!