We’re officially done with September… Woohoo! This symbolizes two things; we finished September’s trade of the month and now the skeleton war aka October can officially begin. Tomorrow you’ll see our pick of the month for October (which I think you all will definitely enjoy), but for today, we’ll be wrapping up our September trade of the month.

This past month we read Gotham Academy, Vol 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy. The team behind this first Gotham Academy is massive! I was going to list every single person who put work into it, but I didn’t realize how extensive the crew was. You’d think with a crew this big, the story would have to be over the top amazing and just plain beautiful… and you’d be right. Gotham Academy, Vol 1 was spectacular! People have raved about this comic for quite some time now and I even picked up issue #1 way back then due to said hype, but this was my actual first time going through it all in one sitting and I must say that I definitely have a new favorite comic to add to my pull list.

I kind of wished this would’ve been our October trade because of the atmosphere and thrills this comic provokes. It sets up Gotham Academy so nicely. It feels haunted, full of adventure, mystery, and ghosts. The colors pop out of the page, with a script that’ll keep you guessing with every page. It’s scary, but fun and light hearted, yet dealing with some darker issues such as losing a family member. It’s all done so very well. I honestly can’t say enough great things about this comic.


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What do you think of the atmosphere the comic set up?
Whose your favorite character?
What did you think of that ending with you-know-who making an appearance?