It’s October aka the skeleton wars aka Halloween! I’m so excited for this month to kick off and all the terror that will follow. It’s a good thing, I swear. So for this month’s trade, I thought we’d pick one that was half fun, half terrifying, and full of humor. And with that only one trade came to mind:



This is how the end of the world begins… Archie and the gang go where they’ve never been before — to the grave and back! A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed. Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this spine-tingling ongoing series — but be warned, kiddies, this one’s not for the faint of heart! For TEEN+ readers.

Yes, for October, we will be reading Afterlife with Archie, Vol 1: Escape from Riverdale. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this trade plus it features some life long friends of ours: Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. Oh, and did I mention that this is a horror story? How fun does that sound?! This seems like such a fun read and I can’t wait for us to get scared together. You can pick up volume one for pretty cheap on Amazon, so I’d recommend searching there, but as always, you can go to your local comic book shop and buy it there for a reasonable price!

But maybe you don’t like super spoopy stuff? Then this month we’re giving everyone free range to read whatever they like! Just pick a trade and read. It’d probably be more fun if it was a spoopy trade, but to each their own. (Just continue commenting in the forums, Goodreads group, and Twitter like you always do!)

As usual, you can keep the conversation alive via our Goodreads group, forums post, and our Twitter account! For all social media, we use #IgglesComicBookAlliance to keep the ball rolling even further, so make sure to use it in all posts and pics so we can chat. 

See you online and until the end of the month… Happy Halloween!