Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you all enjoyed your October. It’s been such a fun month full of horror movies, haunted houses, and, you guessed it, comics! This month our trade was the always amazing and always scary, Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale! I picked this trade because I love Archie and it’s also terrifying, so what’s not to love about this amazing zombified Archie trade? A lot of you loved it as well which makes me so, so happy. Archie is one of my all time favorite comics and to get even more people on the Archie train is such a good feeling for me.

Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale is jam packed full of story, zombies, and character development in only the 6 issues contained in the trade. It tells such an amazing, sad story all while being highly entertaining and super scary. You really got a feel that the entire world has basically come to an end and that survival is key. Afterlife with Archie doesn’t shy away from the horrors of the zombies, but it also gives you back story to certain characters, making you feel bad for them at points throughout the story. It manages to combine everything so well and in the end you get a remarkably memorable story about Archie and the gang of Riverdale and their fight for survival.


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What did you think of Jughead? He’s one of my favorite characters and to see him become a villain of sorts was so interesting to me.

Did you cry during the Vegas and Hotdog scenes?!

What do you think will happen to the Riverdale gang next?