For this month’s trade, we’ll be reading a bit of a historical comic from Image Comics titled “Manifest Destiny”. I’d never heard of Manifest Destiny before, but it was recommended by Iggles’ Comic Book Alliance helper, Phillip. It’s all about a certain time in history, but with a twist. Like I said, it’s from Image Comics, so you can already tell this will be a solid comic. We’ll be reading Manifest Destiny, Vol. 1: Flora and Fauna. So make sure to grab your copy and read along with us! (Links below!)


In 1804, Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark set out from St. Louis, Missouri with the intent of blazing a trail to the western coast of North America-a trip that would set the foundation for the future of the United States of America. But what the history books don’t tell you is the true purpose of Lewis and Clark’s journey to the west… In this imaginative retelling of their famous trek, Lewis and Clark embark on a secret mission under direct orders from President Thomas Jefferson. They are going to do more than explore the wild frontier: they’re going to catalog exotic life and eliminate the monsters that stand in the way of the safe and rapid expansion of the United States.


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