The end of the year is here and the new year has begun. Can you believe we all survived 2015? Well we did, so congrats to you all. This past year has been full of comics, at least from my part. I started this here alliance and even started writing your weekly pull list. I can’t wait to see where 2016 brings us, but for now I’m here to wrap up our December read which was Journey to The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire.

I figured that Shattered Empire would be perfect because, lets face it, December was all about Star Wars. It also features a certain pilots parents, so why not?!

Shattered Empire

Shattered Empire was our first canon look at life after Return of the Jedi. It takes us bit deeper into what destroying the second death star really did to the galaxy from the point of view of Shara Bey, a kick butt A-Wing pilot. It follows her as she goes through life as an A-Wing pilot, fighting the good fight. From there we meet a few familiar faces and learn, from the very first issue, that she’s in love with Kes Dameron. (That was probably my favorite surprise out of the entire trade.) The trade goes by really fast and is definitely less frustrating than reading it issue by issue like I did when it released weeks and weeks ago. But what did you think of the trade? Let’s discuss below, on Twitter, and on our Goodreads page!


But now for our trade for the month of January…


We’ll be reading the trade paperback of Jake Lawrence’s Teen Dog! I’m so, so excited to share this one with you all because it’s one of my all time favorite comic series. This trade rounds up all 8 issues of the hit comic and is just outright amazing. I honestly have no other words for this series other than amazing. Maybe beautiful. It’s all about a teen dog and his everyday life. It’s normal, it’s average, it’s magical, and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a comic book. It doesn’t release till January 5th, so you have all month to pick up this wonderful comic and join us!

The chat will continue in the comments below, on our Twitter, and our Teen Dog Goodreads page!