The summer has ended, some of us who are doing renovations are almost done (yeah… right), others may have recently moved out on your own for the first time, either way if you are anything like me you are always on a hunt to Geekify (I like making up words lol) your home area. So today I thought we’d go through some of my favourite (to date) Geeky products to Iggle up your kitchen.

Funko is releasing a new line called Pop! Home. This will include Salt and Pepper shakers and Mugs. (I’m sure they will expand further in time).

The mugs so far features heads of some of the popular Marvel Characters. They are an adorable addition to your shelves. The ones included to date are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-man. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other additions.

The Salt and Pepper shakers are absolutely adorable. They have Spider-man and Black Spider-man so far but I can’t help but think they should have done Venom instead (I love Venom and he isn’t THAT different than black Spider-man). But they are still awesome… I really think it would be fun putting Cayenne pepper into them so that they look like blood or brains when you shake them. Okay, that was a little morbid but it definitely would give me a daily giggle!

I know these aren’t necessarily needed, but then again what is needed. I love these magnets for your fridge and appliances. I know I totally want to get some to make my fridge look like a giant GameBoy! Too bad you can’t actually play it, but the cool thing is they are actually magnetic dry erase boards… so fun and useful all at the same time.

Now this has to be my favourite Iggle kitchen accessory. Who doesn’t want a Death Star floating in your drink? These are AWESOME. Obviously they only make one… and they say who needs more than one. I say ME! I do! I need many many many Death Stars! I need a whole Death Star ice cube army to take over my drinks and rule them all! Muah ha ha ha ha ha! (that was my evil laugh in case you didn’t know)

With Force Friday passing on the 4th of September I have been seeing a lot of Star Wars stuff coming out. I love these Star Wars Cookie cutters found on Think Geek. You and your kids (but seriously who needs kids for this?) can make some awesome Darth Vader and Chewbacca cookies for school or anytime! Heck, I would make them for work even. I really wonder how my non-geeky work associates would take me bringing in a bunch of Star Wars cookie… meh, who could pass up cookies!

The final and most awesome thing I found for your kitchen is this cookbook called “Wookiee Cookies: Star Wars Cookbook”. I will admit I don’t own it so I’m not sure if the recipes are really any good but it doesn’t matter. I just need this book on my shelf! What’s even more awesome is that this is one of 2! There is actually a second edition of this book called “The Star Wars Cookbook II: Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes” which also seems quite fun to look at. .

So here’s just a few things I found. I believe if you pick a theme you will definitely be able to find stuff to suit your Iggleing decor. Who said being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it? I’d love to hear if there are any geeky kitchen accessories you think are necessary for any Iggle to have!

Until later, Angie