Howdy Iggles! noxy here with day three of our IGGPPCamp Craft Challenges! These Camp Challenges are different than our normal Craft Challenges because they’ll be tutorial styled – all you have to do is follow the how-to and cash in your achievement!

Today’s challenge is comic book roses! Are you ready? 😀

To make this tutorial, I used this tutorial from The Elli Blog.

What you’ll need:
1.) Comic books you do not mind cutting up.
2.) The template from this site here.
3.) Scissors
4.) Cardboard (something like a cereal box will work, I used chipboard from Michaels.)
5.) Something thin and cylindrical like a bamboo skewer or toothpick. (Cotton swab would also work)
6.) Hot glue gun or other glue
7.) A pen
8.) Wire (for a stem)

Now, technically speaking, these “comic book” roses are actually just “paper” roses. So if you don’t have any comics you’re willing to part with, here are some other options:
Magazines, scrapbook paper, newspaper, books, maps, or even just plain paper or colorful catalogs would work. Just a suggestion though, use something that’s two sided. My scrapbook paper is not two-sided, so you can totally see the plain white in the finished flower.

On to the how-to! Hopefully I don’t make things too confusing!

The first steps would be to print out that template. Cut out pieces 3-8.  It is up to you on whether you use the leaves (8) in your rose, so if you choose not to, only cut out 3-7. (Bear in mind that since we’re using Elli’s “white rose” as our template, we only need to cut out one of the three single petals. Just remember to make three petals out of your single petal template.)

Now, you can leave those pieces as is, or do what I do and trace and cut those pieces on to that sturdier cardboard. If you’re planning on using these templates more than once, it is recommended to transfer them to cardboard.

Now take your template pieces and trace them on to your comic books pages. Cut them out as well. You should have 7 or 8 pieces of your rose, depending on whether you include those leaves. I chose to still number each piece in the center, but it’s not necessary so that’s up to you.

Now you need to curl the edges of all your petals. In the image below, what you see is the front of the petal, and I’m curling the edges back.
The image in the corner shows the highlighted sections of a single petal to see what the “edges” are. To curl them, I put each corner in between scissors and my thumb, and pulled. (just like curling ribbon) You might want to be gentle at first, to prevent ripping and to get accustomed to how hard your grip should be.

Before curling the single petals, (1-3) choose one that looks good on both sides, and flip that one over, treating the back side as the front. It will be your center petal.

Curl the edges of all the petals, not just the single ones.

Next, if you’re doing leaves, fold each leaf down its center.

This is what all the pieces look like once they’re folded/curled:
Hopefully you’re still with me!

Next, get your glue gun to work on pieces 4-7. If you’re using regular glues, you’ll have to hold your pieces a little longer to make sure they’re set well enough.
Flip over the piece you’re working on, then put glue  on the tab (where the highlighted section is above). Now flip it back over, and pull the tab over the other edge of the flower. This will make your flower take shape. See the next image for help.

This is piece 4:
As you can see, the piece is now funnel shaped, and if you look closely at the top inside of the funnel, you can see where the tab has been glued.

Here are all the pieces glued properly.
When you were cutting/tracing, you might have noticed 6 and 7 looking very similar. They have the same amount of petals, but one “funnels” more so than the other, and are both needed.

Next we’re starting our center! Take that reversed petal (the one you chose for your center) and wrap it around a cylinder like shown. Glue the petal to itself to help it keep shape. Do not glue it to the cylinder, that was only used to help roll the first petal. When you’re done, take the cylinder out.

If you’re using the optional wire, (so that your rose is on a stem) this step is done differently.
Cut a piece of wire long enough for your stem. Glue your first petal to the wire as shown. Then roll and secure that petal.

Take pieces 2 and 3 and glue them to your center.
Use your best judgement to do so, and keep in mind that this is the center of your flower.

Now you’ll need to glue together the rest of the pieces.
Place glue in the center of piece (7) and put (6) right on top of that, making sure to alternate the petals so they’re not directly on top of each other. Now wait – before you glue the other pieces down…

You’ll want to place each piece inside each other before gluing, to make sure they fit right and to see where you want the petals to go. Sometimes, a piece might look too tall for your flower.
So trim a bit off the bottom and fit it again before you glue it.

For this particular flower, I trimmed a bit off the center, glued it to piece 4, then trimmed a bit off piece 4, before gluing it to 5. I didn’t need to trim piece 5 for it to fit well in to 6.
This image shows how the center fits in to piece 4.

Then – if you’ve chosen leaves – you put a dab of glue on the inside and stick them to the bottom of your flower.

Here is the finished rose:

If you’ve got a stem, you’ll be doing the attaching differently. Instead of gluing 6&7, you’ll have to start from the top and work your way down.
Place glue on the bottom of your center, close to the stem. Cut a slit or small hole in piece 4, then slide it up to meet your center. Repeat the process until all pieces are glued.

Here is my finished stemmed rose:

And that’s it!!

I think these paper roses look fabulous no matter what paper you choose, I can’t really choose a favorite of the ones I made!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s challenge and that you give it a try yourself! If you do, an achievement awaits!! Enter craftclub3 to get your Camp Challenge Comic Book Rose achievement, and please don’t forget to share your pics via twitter and hashtags #IGGPPCamp and #IggleCC! You can also post your pics on the forum here