Aloha Iggles! It’s time for day four of our IGGPPCamp Craft Challenges!

Today’s post is a craft dedicated to House Quinn! Time to make some stylish felt bracelets! This tutorial is a lot simpler than yesterday’s! 😀

Here’s what you’ll need:
1.) Red, black, and white felt
2.) A button
3.) A ruler
4.) Scissors
5.) Needle and thread (I used red, black, and white)
6.) Felt glue (Or craft glue)

To start, I cut a piece of white felt to 9 inches by 1 ½ inches. I threw the white around my wrist to make sure there was a good amount to work with.  You’ll want the bracelet to overlap, because it’ll be using a button to fasten. Then I cut a piece of red and black at 4 ½ inches by 1 inch each. Place the red and black in the center and next to each other.

The sewing I chose to do is mainly decorative, so to help keep the black and red felt in place, I put a line of glue in the middle of each piece lengthwise to attach it to the white.
Then I did my sewing. A quick stitch of black thread on the red, then red thread on the black, and finally some X’s in white thread in between.

Now comes the decorating!

Harley Quinn’s best recognized design is this diamond pattern, so I incorporated that in to the design of the bracelet.

I cut some rather tiny diamond pieces.
To  help place them, I stuck a needle through the side of each diamond once they were slathered in glue, and set them in to place carefully. When gluing felt, be sure to use a good amount of glue, and don’t push too hard when placing, otherwise the glue will absorb in to the felt and you won’t get a very good bond.

Keep in mind the button when you’re putting your design down. You need a spot for the button on one side, and a slot for the button on the other side.
I cut a slit on one end, and sewed a button to the other end.

And that’s it!!

Here I have two finished Quinn bracelets, with two different designs.
This tutorial is really just full of suggestions. You can do whatever you’d like for your bracelet! Just make sure it’s Quinn themed.

Not  a Quinn but still want to make the bracelet? Might I suggest sending it to a Quinn who can’t make one as a present?*  ;D

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s challenge and that you give it a try yourself! If you do, an achievement awaits!! Enter craftclub4 to get your Camp Challenge Quinn achievement, and please don’t forget to share your pics via twitter and hashtags #IGGPPCamp and #IggleCC! You can also post your pics on the forum here.

*Speaking of which, are there any Quinn’s out there who can’t make a bracelet and would like one? I have two to giveaway. Just tweet @msnoxy. We’ll sort it out from there.