Greetings!! I’m noxy from the Iggle Craft Club, and I’m happy to present day one of our nine day IGGPPCamp Craft Challenges! These Camp Challenges will be different than our normal Craft Challenges because they’ll be tutorial styled – all you have to do is follow the how-to and cash in your achievement!

IggleCCCamp Bracelets

Today’s challenge is Friendship Bracelets! So grab your supplies and get ready to go!

What you’ll need:IggleCC Bracelet Suppy List

1.) Embroidery thread
2.) A ruler
3.) Scissors
4.) Cardboard (something like a cereal box will do)
5.) A pen
6.) Something round to trace
7.) Tape

My ultimate goal for these is for us to be able to have one of three  IGGPPC themed bracelets. (or all three if you’d like.) Because of this, I have three options of colors you can use for your bracelet. These colors are DMC Embroidery Floss coded. You can always just take each option to the store yourself to choose similar colors as well.

The old IGGPPC Logo – Blanc (White), 704, 333, 169
The new IGGPPC Logo – 209, 552, 550, Blanc (White)
House Colors – Blanc (White), 3820, 817, 310, 3843, 742, 898

What I tried to do for House Colors was to incorporate all houses, plus white to act as a neutral, in to the mix. Each house has one color that’s solely theirs, then another that’s meant to work as a “shared color”. (817 is the red for Granger and for Quinn, 742 is the orange in GlaDOS and Organa)

On to the making!

– Step one is to make yourself a circle of cardboard. I used an instant Iced Tea container that is about 5 inches in diameter. You can also use a math compass. The circle should be manageable – not too big or too small. I’ve found the 5 in circle works nicely.

– Once you have your circle, mark your circle with lines like I show in the first image. (The red lines.) Cut a small hole in the center, then cut halfway down each line to make slots. (Don’t cut all the way to the circle.) This is your bracelet making device.

– For this bracelet, you’ll need seven strands of thread. House Colors already has seven strands, so that’s just one of each color. For the Logo colors, it’s up to you to choose how many of each color to make up the seven.

– The length of the strands will vary depending on how long you want your bracelet. To be on the safe side, cut each strand 24 inches long. Secure all strands together with a double knot.

– Shove the knot through the hole in the center of your circle, and place each strand in its own slot. You’ll end up with an empty slot.

– The optional tape step would be here. Tape the knot tight to the back of your circle so you can get started. I do not do this step. I simply hold the knot tightly to the circle with a finger.

Now to follow the image below.
– Hold the circle so the blank (0) slot is at the bottom. [Image 1]
– Count clockwise three slots.  [Image 1]
– Take that third strand (3) and move to the blank slot (0). [Image 2]
– Start again, with the new blank slot as (0).  [Image 3]
– Count clockwise three slots.  [Image 3]
– Move the (3) strand in to the (0) slot. [Image 4]
– Repeat. Again and again.

The bracelet will start to form on the other side of the slot. Always be sure to hold the bracelet tight against the back of your circle. Keep strands tight as well, otherwise loose loops will form.


Keep your ruIer handy and measure to an appropriate bracelet size. My wrist is almost 8 inches around, so I stopped my bracelet at 9 inches.

Tie the end of the bracelet with a double knot to secure.

There’s so many ways to “fasten” a friendship bracelet. Today I will show you my favorite way.

Start with your bracelet placed like so and grab an extra strand of thread.

Double knot the strand around the bracelet leaving a long end and a short end and snip off the short end.

Grab the longer end, make a loop and pull through. (For those who’ve made a Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet, you’re following that method.)

Once you’ve finished a few loops, knot the end and snip the excess. I like to dab on a bit of glue to each end of that strand to make sure the knots are secure.

And now you have a finished bracelet!!

Here is what the finished bracelets look like!

And there’s where they’re fastened.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s challenge and that you give it a try yourself! If you do, an achievement awaits!! Enter craftclub1 to get your Camp Challenge Friendship Bracelet achievement, and please don’t forget to share your pics via twitter and hashtags #IGGPPCamp and #IggleCC! You can also post your pics on the forum here