Heya IggleBugs! The 200 days in a row achievement code is now live! Make sure to tweet @IggleBugs if you need it or any other achievements. The following milestones will be 250, 300, then 365. Each one will be worth one more karma than the one preceding it. I know we just hit 250 and I’ll have your achievement code ready soon so go ahead and tweet at me if you’ve hit 250!

Tweet @IggleBugs for the 7, 30, and 60, 100,  150, and 200 day achievement codes if you need them! You don’t have to upload the pics in a row, but at least make sure you’re taking one every day.  You’ll also find another code in the forums.

For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on here, if you haven’t checked out the IggleBugs lately, you should swing by and have a look at our Photo 365 Challenge thread in the IggleBugs Forum! Join us if you’re looking for a fun photographic challenge for 2014! You don’t need a fancy camera or anything, just a passion for taking pictures! Upload and share however you want, if you want. It’s entirely up to you! The best part about it is you can make your day one whenever you want! So feel free to jump in late, we won’t bite!

I will post seven themes and ideas a week as we go through the year. They won’t be strict assignments, just helpful ideas to get you through the week if you get stuck or feel like you need some inspiration.

Here is the list of helpful ideas for week thirty-seven!


If you haven’t had a look at the DIY Lightbox tutorial, go back and check it out. I’m loving mine!

Have a good week and don’t forget to follow @IggleBugs for updates and encouragement! If you use the hashtag #IggleBugs365, I will try to retweet a few photos every day!