The theme for the month is “Birthday Party,” and it was a struggle to think of how to tie in a game to the theme. Should I go party games? Should I literally look for something birthday related? Then it hit me. . . What if I did a game that was focused on something about community building? Isn’t that what IGGPPC is all about, after all? As I stared at my ample collection of games, one stood out as being a really great game for March. Then it was choosing an online game that would help represent a similar mechanic. Here are your games for the month of March:

Real World Game – Machi Koro (2012)

Machi Koro

You have been elected the Mayor of an amazing town. Sadly, as with any elected position, people have incredibly high demands and expect you to give them everything they could ever want, as well as a massively successful city! And with that, you now must build up your city!

Armed with 1 die, a wheat field, and a bakery, you have to roll the die to earn coins so that you can build a station, a shopping mall, radio station, and an amusement park. You will also have to buy local buildings to keep people employed and keep the money flowing in! The cards are different locations that line up with the different numbers on the die and will either help you earn coins from the bank or take coins from others.

Machi Koro plays 2-4 players and uses cards and dice. The mechanics are simple, the art is engaging, and it provides fun for even the most strategically minded gamer.  It is a game for the whole family, or just for you and your friend. And look out! There’s even an expansion to help you expand on your fun even more!

Machi Koro

Online Tabletop Game – Hawaii (2011)


Don’t treat this game like a fun vacation to the islands. Instead, you are on a mission to build a wonderful community on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. You have to make good use of your resources and search the surrounding islands. The chief will check things out and after 5 rounds, you better be ready to stand your ground. There are several ways to score points and you’ll have to manage your money and your resources. Come on Chieftains. . . make your people great!

To play this game, create an account with and join the Iggle group on the site. Then fill out the spreadsheet with information so that other Iggles can connect with you to play. Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22 have been designated official game days so that Iggles can be around to play with all the other Iggles and look for players in their zone or their Iggle-buddies around the world.



Once you have played either or both of these games, make sure you post pictures of your gameplay to @iggppctabletop with hashtag #igglesplay so that everyone can get in on the fun! You can also post in our forum or, essentially anywhere Iggles post. For the online game, take a screencap or photo with your phone and share it. Make sure it shows your player name.

To get your achievement, let me know that you’ve played and where you’ve posted the picture and I will try to get your achievement to you ASAP. Use my contact information below (DM or e-mail) so I can send the code privately. Achievements work on a 1-5-10-15-etc scale, so keep track of your games and don’t forget to Keep the Dice Rollin’!