Tabletop game themes have a tendency to run in the vein of reality and sometimes take historical content and shape them into fun activities.  One of those themes involves commodity exchanges. This is much more than just harvesting resources like in Settlers of Catan. This goes into buying and trading and trying to make a profit. My goal was to find a game that dealt with sugar, spices, and other nice things to fit the theme, but I also wanted to share in the excitement of the summer and fireworks. That is where this month’s Real World and Online games choices come from.

Real World Game – Sail to India (2013)

pic1756958_md Sail to India plays 3 to 4 players and is recommended for ages 14+. The games plays in about 60 minutes, depending on how goofy you are during game play. As if it wasn’t cool enough to see boats on the box cover, Sail to India allows players to be nobles who want to help their sailors discover a route to India, because the Mediterranean has become a problematic route for the Portuguese. Manage your resources and trade goods, such as sugar, spice, and diamonds. Be the one to sail to India and get a master of discovery and adventure!

Easily found at most game shops and online, Sail to India is a unique and great game to add to any game collection. It is great for families, because it has that wonderful historical educational bent, but you also get to sail the sea, and learn more about trading and trade routes! It’s great for friends to play, because, well. . . you want to beat them, right?

Online Tabletop Game – Hanabi (2010)

pic2007286_mdIf you’re looking for an online game, because Sail to India is a bit difficult for you to get your hands on, Hanabi on BoardGameArena is really a great amount of fun! If you have this in person, it is also fun (secretly I’ll allow both for an achievement). This game plays 2-5 players and can take a while, depending on how diligent you are with other gamers.

You need to work cooperatively with the other players to create the best fireworks display possible. The catch is, you cannot look at your own cards! You can only give specific hints to someone else about their cards. That way you know what to lay in what pattern.  If you want to know more about this game, check out my review!

A seriously fun game for people of all ages and great for family and friends. Try not to laugh too hard at your attempts to gives clues AND not look at your cards. If you do play in person and you’re prone to accidentally looking at your cards, the Anniversary Edition has stands to place the cards in front of you, so you aren’t ever tempted again!

To play this game, go to Sign up for free, if you haven’t already. Then join the Iggles group. Check our forum for those looking for people to play. Meet up and have fun!

Friday, July 17 – Sunday, July 19 have been designated official game days so that iggles can be around to play with all the other iggles and look for players in their zone or their iggle-buddies around the world. Go to a local game shop, meet up online, play over Google+ Hangout, it’s all up to you!

Once you have played the game online or in the real world, make sure you post pictures of your gameplay to @iggppctabletop with hashtag #igglesplay so that everyone can get in on the fun! You can also post in our forum or, essentially anywhere iggles post. For the online game, take a screencap or photo with your phone or camera and share it.

To get your achievement, let me know that you’ve played and where you’ve posted the picture and I will try to get your achievement to you ASAP. Use my contact information below (DM or e-mail) so I can send the code privately. Achievements work on a 1-5-10-15-etc scale, so keep track of your games and don’t forget to Keep the Dice Rollin’!