Welcome to the first challenge for the Iggle Tabletop Gamers!

This month we have a Real World Game and an Online Tabletop Game. Each game counts as a game towards earning an achievement for the month, so if you can, try to play both. You’ll only become better, stronger, faster geeks!

Real World Game – Boss Monster (2013)

Boss Monster

I wanted to find a game that would tie into our January theme of Retro-Gaming and I couldn’t help but think of Boss Monster! The graphics are totally retro-pixel and the box even sports the classic game cartridge.

Boss Monster is a 2-4 player card game, which utilizes hand management skills to lure adventurers into your Monster Dungeon and collect their poor little adventurer soul. That’s right, you are actually playing the Boss and you to destroy the poor little Adventurer-is-Yous.  The trick is to destroy them in the dungeon before they get to you. 5 wounds from those deadly little heroes will destroy the Boss!

You have to compete against the other players to get those adventurers to your dungeon and hope they are defeated before they get to you or your other players are able to take them out.  A competitive game and definitely worth checking out with friends or at a local game shop.


Online Tabletop Game


6 nimmt! is a 2-4 player German card game from 1994. Online you can play 2-10 players. It is a hand management game where you play cards in rows based on higher numbers and collecting points based on the rows you complete.  For more details about the gameplay, I recommend checking out my article on The Walking Dead skin of the game.

With this original version, you collect bullheads instead of bullets, but look out for minus points. There are rules on the website and videos for how to play. A few play-throughs will definitely give you a feel for the game. Quick and fun to play, definitely worth it.

To play this game, create an account with BoardGameArena.com and join the Iggle group on the site. Then fill out the spreadsheet with information so that other Iggles can connect with you to play. Friday, January 16 – Sunday, January 18 have been designated official game days so that Iggles can be around to play with all the other Iggles and look for players in their zone or their Iggle-buddies around the world.

Once you have played either or both of these games, make sure you post pictures of your gameplay to @iggppctabletop with hashtag #igglesplay so that everyone can get in on the fun! You can also post in our forum or, essentially anywhere Iggles post. For the online game, take a screencap or photo with your phone and share it. Make sure it shows your player name.

To get your achievement, let me know that you’ve played and where you’ve posted the picture and I will try to get your achievement to you ASAP. Achievements work on a 1-5-10-15-etc scale, so keep track of your games and don’t forget to Keep the Dice Rollin’!