Camp is going on this month and it’s a great month to get some game challenge achievements! This month, the game aligns with a camp activity to help us celebrate this wonderful game. Many of us are familiar with RPGs and how time consuming they can be to create characters, or the level of creative energy they demand from the GM who has to create and mold the adventure. Fiasco is an RPG that strips away a great deal of the beforehand preparation and it’s all created together with the rolling of dice and charts for how to set things up.

Fiasco (2009)

FiascoFiasco is designed for 3 to 5 players and was developed by Jason Morningstar. The game plays with six-sided dice and no preparation for play. Players chose a scenario that they want to follow. The core book has theme scenarios for small town America, the Wild West, one that is called Tales from Suburbia, and an Antarctica adventure. There is an additional expansion book with more scenarios and Bully Pulpit (the publisher) releases a monthly scenario for download if you’re looking for something specific.

The scenarios draw on beloved films and encourage you to get into the flavor of your game by watching certain movies for inspiration. The more information you can gather for yourself, the more inspiration you’ll have while playing.

The Fiasco scenario that we’ll be playing for camp is Camp Death, developed by James Gabrielsen. The description of the scenario is as follows: “Camp Clearwater has been abandoned since some grisly, ‘unsolved’ murders 20 years ago. The new owner probably made that up as some creepy story to tell campers and scare up business. What I know, though, is that we’ve got a couple weeks to get this place set up before any campers arrive, and most of the hard work is already done. We’ve got lots of time to have some good ol’ fun before the campers take over. What could go wrong?”

There is not a special weekend designated this month for getting together due to Camp, but the iggle activity will be Sunday, August 16. Sign up on the google document for the event or for potential alternate times. If you cannot participate in that particular event, contact me and we can try to get another group going prior to the 16th. Or if you already are familiar with Fiasco, look for that scenario on Bully Pulpit’s website and share your play experience!

Once you have played the game online or in the real world, make sure you post pictures of your gameplay to @iggppctabletop with hashtag #igglesplay so that everyone can get in on the fun! You can also post in our forum or, essentially anywhere iggles post. For the online game, take a screencap or photo with your phone or camera and share it.

To get your achievement, let me know that you’ve played and where you’ve posted the picture and I will try to get your achievement to you ASAP. Use my contact information below (DM or e-mail) so I can send the code privately. Achievements work on a 1-5-10-15-etc scale, so keep track of your games and don’t forget to Keep the Dice Rollin’!