The month of April is a special month. The seasons are finally changing and everyone is getting outside and motivated for all sorts of events! This made me think of a rather enjoyable game called Seasons and it’s one some iggles might be familiar with. What is great about seasons is that it’s a game I recommend playing in the real world and online! So to change things up a bit, our challenge this month is one game, two formats!

Real World & Online Tabletop Game – Seasons (2012)

SeasonsYou are one of the great sorcerers of a Kingdom and you’ve come together with other sorcerers to meet at the heart of the Argos forest. The sorcerers must participate in the legendary tournament of the 12 seasons. Your play won’t take literally 12 seasons, but at the end of the 3 year competition, the new Archmage of Xidit will be chosen (so the winner).

Players will need to use ancestral magical items, summon familiars, and fight challenge after challenge to become of the ultimate sorcerer!

Once you get the hang of playing Seasons, it can really become a pretty intense game to play. It is a card drafting game that involves choosing dice to strategically improve your chances and also involves hand management as you try to strategize your next move.

To play this game, create an account with and join the Iggle group on the site. Then fill out the spreadsheet with information so that other iggles can connect with you to play. Friday, April 10 – Sunday, April 12 have been designated official game days so that iggles can be around to play with all the other iggles and look for players in their zone or their iggle-buddies around the world.

A side note to these dates, Saturday, April 11 is International Tabletop Day! So arrange some game play or look for a local event in your area and break out the seasons!



Once you have played either or both of these games, make sure you post pictures of your gameplay to @iggppctabletop with hashtag #igglesplay so that everyone can get in on the fun! You can also post in our forum or, essentially anywhere iggles post. For the online game, take a screencap or photo with your phone and share it. Make sure it shows your player name.

To get your achievement, let me know that you’ve played and where you’ve posted the picture and I will try to get your achievement to you ASAP. Use my contact information below (DM or e-mail) so I can send the code privately. Achievements work on a 1-5-10-15-etc scale, so keep track of your games and don’t forget to Keep the Dice Rollin’!