Hello lovely iggles!

This month’s theme is “For Science!” and what better way to get your science groove on than with a science fair that hearkens back to the days of old {school dayz!}? (Or, for you Grangers, the days of now!)

June 22-29th, prefects Amanda, Franny, and Sophie will be bringing you a week full of science experiment-y goodness. As we do our experiments and walk you through each step, we’ll also share some fun science facts with you about the experiments, the various things that are included in them, and the science behind each concept. Want to know what happens when a volcano erupts without resorting to a Google search? We’re going to tell you!

We’ll share the technique we will be following prior to beginning the experiments.

The experiments will be presented in a variety of ways, and we’ll share the medium (Twitter, Vlog, or G+ Hangout) as the date of each experiment approaches.  Click the link below for a list of the ingredients you’ll need to complete each of the experiments.

Slime presented by Sophie


Egg Geodes presented by Amanda

egg geodes

Tabletop Hovercraft presented by Franny


Lava Bottle presented by Sophie

lava bottle

Volcano presented by Amanda


Stalactites & Stalagmites presented by Franny

Note: Your results will not look like this. :)

Note: Your results will not look like this. 🙂

Share your own experiments with us via photo, video, Twitter or the forums. Be sure to DM or email us for your participatory achievement code! Use the hashtag #igglesforscience to make sure that we see what you’re sharing!

We’re excited to do some experiments with you!


Amanda, Franny & Sophie