Iggles! Hello hello hello! After a (much needed I admit) hiatus, Iggle Idols has returned! And what better theme, than that of L-O-V-E? You can love anything! A person, a place, a thing.  Pretty much any noun can be loved. Ideas can be loved. TV shows, video games, books. You name it, it can be loved by somebody. That being said, I give you all the first of our Valentiggles; Amanda! She was nominated (remember you can nominate!) for her #loveyourinnergeek tag on Twitter!

I want to be a mermaid

Name: Amanda
Age: 33
Birthday: November 9th
What House You’re In: Organa
Location (whatever you would like to share): USA

Any social media usernames you want to share (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.): amavongeek on Twitter & Instagram, liraele on Tumblr

How you discovered IGGPPC: I found IGGPPC through a blog, but I can’t remember which one!

recent iggling

How many rounds you’ve been a part of (and your first round): My first round was Round 16 in August of last year. I’ve done each round since, though 2 haven’t worked out/responded.

How many pen pals you currently have: 8ish? I have 5 that I met through the IGGPPC (3 through rounds, 2 through swaps), 3 through other sites. I also do the Princess Pen Pals writing that Franny created. I *think* I write to 7 princesses. Which sounds like a lot, but isn’t too bad to keep up with! We do a lot of emailing and tweeting, not just snail mailing.

Are you a member of any groups, activities on the site? (Or a creator of one) I’m a member of the Iggle Fitness team and also a House Organa Prefect. I started creating House Challenges for House Organa in February, and I also coordinate a swap we dubbed #loveyourinnergeek via Twitter. Several people had missed out on the Days of December swap, so we decided to make our own. It’s been popular enough that we’re just getting people started on round 2… and people are already asking when the next one will be! I love that people have been excited about it, and that it’s giving iggles a chance to get to know one-another and celebrate each others geekiness…whatever that entails.

Any special projects you’re working on: I’m doing some blog brainstorming. I’m also working on a fiction story that is similar to one of my PPP stories.

Something you’re excited about in regards to IGGPPC, something you’d like to see in the IGGPPC (in general): I’m super excited to be one of the first House Organa Prefects, so that is going to get a lot of my attention for the next 6 months. I would also really like to start a writing group/activity, as that is something I really want to be working on for myself, and I’m hoping that some iggle support would help me get and stay motivated! Iggle Fitness also has some great wellness stuff in the works!

Have you made any specific or significant IGGPPC friends? Oh my gosh! I will probably forget someone important if I name names (imo, ALL iggles are important!), but I have met some pretty amazing people on the site and talk to them regularly on Twitter, too.  I love them all and I try to express my gratitude for their friendship on a regular basis.

pretty sunset

It’s the month of LOVE, is there someone special out there to you? My husband is pretty awesome.  I love my cat, too. Oh, and my children, of course. (Though I occasionally try to rent them to people for hard labor when they are being obnoxious….I kid, I kid.)

When it comes to LOVE CANDY, what’s your favorite? Conversation hearts are one of my favorite Valentine candies. Aside from that I love the Reese’s hearts and white chocolate!

Favorite Geeky Thing: Star Wars. Or maybe monsters. No……..definitely Star Wars.

whimsical coffee mugs

What You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things: For this month’s top 5 I chose: Star Wars, Monsters, Villains, Steampunk & Tea!

Favorite IGGPPC activity: Definitely has to be swaps. They are so much fun to put together!

Where your pen pal is from? Regular pen pals via IGGPPC: two are in Canada, one is in the UK, two are in the US.

Do you have a favorite book, video game, etc (if so, what is it?) The Harry Potter series one of my favorites; it is a series I have read over and over and over again. I also love the Abhorsen books by Garth Nix. Favorite video game is Alice: Madness Returns. The Cheshire Cat definitely has the best quotes! (‘What lies beneath this patina of civility? Something wicked I’ll wager….’)

Favorite pen pal package must have (what you like to get and what you like to send): My packages almost always contain stickers. I love stickers, and have lots and lots and lots of stickers to share with iggles.

Something new you’re getting into: Cosplay. I want to make a costume before I attend my very first con. (Which I haven’t chosen yet or planned, but I am doing a lot of research!) I love the everyday cosplay outfits I see on the internet, so I have been trying to incorporate some new things into my wardrobe so I can do that too!

Something you think other people should get into: Steampunk. Also, the Star Wars books. (Specifically the ones that have Grand Admiral Thrawn in them. I love him!)

Any facts or tidbits about you, that you want to share: I’m (figuratively) going a million miles an hour most of the time that I’m awake. I have a super-active mind that has to be kept busy or it gets me into trouble! So I tend to always have a lot on my plate. I love that, though. Life is short…I want to try everything! I tend to share my sub-thoughts inside of parenthesis. I bet you noticed that. Clever you.

What you love about the IGGPPC: The people! All of the people I have met through the community have been wonderful. Enthusiastic, accepting, patient, intelligent. How could you not love them?

There you have it guys and gals! Remember to leave Amanda some love (I know I will!) on her Twitter, or in the comments! Just don’t over-love her! And you can always send questions or comments or nominations to @IggleIdols on Twitter!