Seasons greetings Iggle Mass! The holiday season (pretty much October until the New Year) is a busy time indeed for the majority of us! Between work, school, a social life and preparing for the holidays, it can get a bit crazy! But I am back again (albeit a little bit later than usual) with the next dose of Iggle Idols! Two girls equals out to two posts, so be prepared for the first Iggle Idol whom other members are thankful for, Christina!

And P.S. I’m super duper over-the-top proud and excited that it didn’t even take two days to get two girls nominated! You Iggles rock!

*Name : Christina Williams

Age : 34

What House You’re In : Organa

Location : Sheboygan, WI

 Twitter: @kwsw0917

Instagram: pbgirl711


How did you discover the IGGPPC? :  I did a random search to get a pen pal.  It was the first thing that came up on Google.  I went to the website and checked them out. 

How many rounds have you been in? Do you remember your first round? : 1 round  Round 6.

How many Pen Pals do you currently have? :  One from Round 6.  But 3 Princess Pen Pals.

Are you a member of any groups, activities on the site? (Or a creator of one) : I am a member of Iggle Fitness and the Princess Pen Pals.  This is something that the wonderful @Raindrop came up with.  We have alternate personalites and we write our stories in our letters to each other.  My persona’s name is Saefine.  She is a Merfolk Princess.  She is currently having adventures with the Unicorns in… and on the Plane Nox which is where beings such as Fae, Narhwals and Shadowfolk live.  It’s a lot of fun. 

Any special projects you’re working on?:  Not really…

Something you’re excited about in regards to IGGPPC, something you’d like to see in the IGGPPC (in general) : I just love the comradely of the community.  There is always conversations going on twitter between Iggles. I love the IGGPPC!

 Have you made any specific or significant IGGPPC friends? I have become friends with several Iggles.  In November some us Wisconsinites met up.  It was Mariel Mohns, Sarah Bonilla and myself.  Liana W was supposed to meet too but was ill.   (silly flu)


Is there anything you’re grateful for this year? : I’m grateful to have a wonderful family and good friends.

Any Iggles you’re grateful for? : All of the Iggles!

What about activities? :  I’m in a bowling league.  My team won our division last season in the state tournament.  Did you know that WI has the largest Women’s State bowling tournament in the US?  I also play Pathfinder.  My group has been together for 11 yrs!  My boys are like my brothers.  They’re great.

Something you think everyone should be thankful for? :  The little things.  The ability to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.

What you’re looking forward to in December? :  Getting off of work from Dec 24 thru Jan 4!  My company shuts down for the holidays.  I have to work about 1.5 days during that time.

How do you celebrate the holidays? :  My parents and my husband’s parents are both divorced.  So between us we have at least 4 Christmas’ to attend.  It gets quite busy.  Thankfully the extended families meet either before or after the actual holidays.

Any cool traditions? : My church as a Candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  It’s really beautiful in there for it.  After church we go and open presents.  We also started the Elf on the Shelf tradition with our son.  That has been fun too!

Favorite Geeky Thing :  I don’t know if I have a favorite.  I love so many things.  I’m geeking out over Christmas mostly right now.

What You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things? : Right now my faves are Doctor Who (even tho I’m still working on David Tennant) ; Game of Thrones; Sewing; Pathfinder RPG; Marvel anything

Favorite IGGPPC activity : Swaps!  Getting the Christmas cards together for the holiday card swap right now!

Where your pen pal is from? :  My Penpal is from London.

Do you have a favorite book, video game, etc (if so, what is it?) : I don’t really have a favorite book but I have favorite authors.  Sir Conan Doyle, Clive Cussler, George RR Martin

Favorite pen pal package must have (what you like to get and what you like to send) : Well so far my favorite thing I have gotten in the mail is Maltersers!  The best Malted Milk ball ever.  When I send out swaps I like to send something regional.  For example, my Halloween Book Swap partner Kate (@caketalks?) got a book on Haunted Wisconsin. 

Something new you’re getting into? :  Iggle Fitness is new for me.  I’m really excited to work with @nerdishmum and the rest of the ladies.

Any facts or tidbits about you, that you want to share? : I have a small zoo at my house.  2 dogs( Daschund; Pony and Corgi; Reya) ; 2 cats (Casper and Toby); 2 rats (Wallace and Gromett) and 335 gallons of fish in 4 tanks.   And I met my husband playing Magic :The Gathering. 

What you love about the IGGPPC :  I love the friendliness and sense of community. 


That’s Christina for you! Next week we’ll sneak a peek into the life of the second November Idol; Rebecca! And remember guys, you can nominate any Iggle you like/love/think-is-awesome by sending me a tweet at @IggleIdols or #IggleIdols. And (as long as you don’t bombard her!) feel free to ask Christina any questions (or leave her any comments below) via her Twitter. And check out her Instagram, if that’s your thing!


Until next week Iggles. Stay fresh.