Hola Iggles of all shapes and sizes!

Emy here, to introduce to a little project I like to call “IGGLE IDOLS“.

If you’ve kept up on Twitter and the forums, you’ll know the basics of what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, fear not! I’m all for divulging into what it is!

Iggle Idols (which is always subject to a name change whenever I can think of something fancier), is a proejct that originated on Twitter. While tossing around new ideas of things for the site, I broached this idea.

And the idea is a simple one. To highlight any and all Iggles around the world! To put you, yes YOU in the spotlight (even if it is only for a moment) and to show you off to the rest of Iggle Nation!

The Iggles who are chosen (two a month) are interviewed, interrogated and put on display. Every month the reason why these Iggles were chosen will change. And every month, I won’t necessarily tell you what you “have to do” in order to be picked. Just know, that I’m always watching social media when it comes to the IGGPPC. I look at Twitter and the forums (more than other sites really) and I see what Iggles are up too. Maybe you have a fancy way of sending packages.  Maybe for Halloween you came up with the geekiest costume, or carved the geekiest pumpkin (*cough*insert hint for Halloween theme for this month*cough*). Maybe you’re just super awesome to the Iggles around you. Maybe you did nothing more than just post and interact. Who knows? Only I, the crazy coordinator and GLaDOS drone really know. But enough about me and this crazy thing! Let’s get on to the good stuff. That’s right. Your September Idols! *drum roll*

These two ladies I’m about to introduce you to, were discovered on Twitter. During September, they were blowing up the IGGPPC hashtag. They were spreading cheers and good feelings to the Iggles around them. And in general, being stand-up citizens. It’s incredibly coincedental that they actually are pen pals! (I swear I had no clue). So without further ado, I present you Claire and Franny!

Claire A.



Basic Stats

Age : 25

Birthday : July 21st


Location : North Wales, UK

Twitter : @Claireyfair

Instagram : @Kuraire

Blog : Girl in the Nerd Shop 

How Did You Come Across the IGGPPC? :

I was bored in the last hour of work one day… and I started searching the internet for something to do. I searched for “cool geek girls” and the IGGPPC was one of the first hits that I got. I investigated, I snooped, and I fell in love. And here I am… over a year later!

When Was Your First Round? :

June 2013, it’s the only actual round I signed up for. I got hooked on swaps and joined as many as I could, and even started my own [I do love sticekrs, but I was struggling to find them around where I live]. I currently have 4 pen pals, some more regular than others.

Any Projects You’re Currently Working On? :

I’m currently guest-hosting the Halloween Sticker Swap!

Is There Something You’re Excited About in Regards to IGGPPC? :

I’m looking forward to the Halloween party, and all the Iggles hanging out and doing super fun stuff together.

Have You Made Any Specific or Significant IGGPPC Friends? :

I have made so many new friends since joining the IGGPPC , I talk to them every day on social media – catching up on all their adventures and day to day goings on is really important to me.

What are Your Favorite Geeky Things? :

My books, they are all over the house… we ran out of bookshelves.

What Did You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things? :

Cats. Crochet. Trudi Canavan novels. Board games and Harry Potter.

What’s Your Favorite IGGPPC Activity? :


Where is Your Pen Pal from? :

Two are from Texas, one is from Wakefield and one is from Louisiana.

Do You Have A Favorite Book, Video Game, etc? (If so, what is it?) :

My favorite book is The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan. My favorite color is green. My favorite t-shirt is my Slytherin House crest. My favorite band is Foxes or Haim and my favorite board game is Takenoko.

Favorite Pen Pal Package Must Have? (What you send and what you like to get) :

I like to send people pictures of the Alice in Wonderland statues in my town. I love to recieve postcards, so I can see my pen pals’ favorite places.

Is There Something New You’re Getting Into? :

I’ve just started reading comic books, I’m reading Harley Quinn and quite enjoying it so far.

Is There Something You Think Other People Should Get Into? :

I would love for more people to share my love of board games. And Postcrossing… postcards from all over the world. It’s really cool to get a tiny snippet of peoples lives.

Any Facts or Tidbits About You, That You’d Like To Share? :

My Instagram is full of my furbabies [see picture, Noodle and Floss]. I run a business with my partner, a gaming store- card games, board games and table top wargames, we run lots of gaming sessions for all age groups and game systems. Always something happening [it does mean long hours, but as long as people are having fun it’s worth it].

What Do You Love About the IGGPPC :

The thing I love the most about the IGGPPC is the community growing around a love of snail mail. The people are incredible… and they always know how to put a smile on your face.




Basic Stats

Age : 31

Birthday : September 9th

IGGPPC House : Organa

Location : Louisiana, USA

Twitter : @Raindrop487

How Did You Come Across the IGGPPC? :

I was reading an article on HelloGiggles (I love Zooey Deschanel!) about letter writing. Someone had commented about pen pals and the IGGPPC. It sounded like my dream team so I Googled it and found my home!

When Was Your First Round? :

My first round was Round 14 : Spellbound (June was my first month as an Iggle!) I have signed up for every round since then. I have three “assigned” pen pals and 4 awesome Iggles that I found through swaps and Twitter!

Are You a Member of any Groups or Activities on the Site? :

Recently some Iggles and I got together on Twitter and created #PrincessPenPals – Basically we write letters to each other role playing as princesses of our own imaginary kingdoms!

Any Projects You’re Currently Working On? :

Not currently.

Is There Something You’re Excited About in Regards to IGGPPC? :

I am excited about Swaps Reopening! I loves swaps -especially when swapping internationally because it is my chance to see the world through their items! Through swaps I learned that Band-Aids in the UK are called Plasters!

Have You Made Any Specific or Significant IGGPPC Friends? :

I really started to make IGGPPC friends when I joined Twitter! It is a great way to talk to other IGGPPC members and learn about their lives. There are so many great people in IGGPPC. Every day is brighter once I get in my daily dose of Iggleness. There are a few extraordinary Iggles that have really made a difference in my IGGPPC experience!

What Are Your Favorite Geeky Things? :

I am a total Harry Potter fan! All things HP make me happy!

What Did You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things? :

Harry Potter. Unicorns. Dr. Who. Old school Nintendo Games. YA Fantasy/Science Fiction.

What is Your Favorite IGGPPC Activity? :

Writing (and decorating) letters. Stickers, Washi Tape, Markers, Oh my! FUN FUN FUN!

Where is Your Pen Pal From? :

One from Germany, one from the UK and several from different US States.

Do You Have a Favorite Book, Video Game, etc. (If so, what is it?) :

Books : Harry Potter. Video Games : The Elder Scrolls. Color : Pink. T-shirt : My Epic Purple WoW shirt! I love geeky t-shirts!

Favorite Pen Pal Package Must Have? (What you send and what you like to get) :

Stickers! I love stickers! Even better if they are unicorn stickers! Because unicorns are magical!

Is There Something New You’re Getting Into? :

Creating my own stationary! It is so hard to find cute and affordable stationary unless you order it online!

Is There Something You Think Other People Should Get Into? :

Reading! It doesn’t matter what you love to read… Just read!

Any Facts or Tidbits About You, That You’d Like To Share? :

I have 3 obsessions : UNICORNS, STICKERS AND SHARPIES! (All magic is created with one or more of these three things!) My best friend is a little black puppy named Luna! I love sugar – I believe it is what keeps me sweet 🙂

What Do You Love About the IGGPPC :

The thing I love most about IGGPPC is the community. You can be exactly who you are no matter how geeky, weird, normal, quiet, loud, whatever. They embrace all and make you feel welcome and accepted! It is a truly unique experience to find such a supportive and inviting community. Plus – Snail mail rules too!

There you have it folks! If you’d like to ask Claire or Franny anything (or just be their new awesome friend!) feel free to comment below, follow and tweet @IggleIdols [#IggleIdols],  or follow and tweet the girls from their Twitters! All additional questions will be posted through Twitter! And if you want to be an October Iggle Idol be scary, be merry and have some holiday spirit!

That’s all folks!