Hello again Iggles! As we usher in the New Year this week, I thought I would wrap up November’s Thankful Iggles with an Iggle dear to my heart; Rebecca!

*Name, Age, Birthday, What House You’re In, Location (whatever you would like to share)
Becca and/or Salaphina, 22, February 14, 1992, House Quinn and I’m in Bakersfield California 🙂
*Any social media usernames you want to share (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.)
Salaphina, everywhere XD Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram
*How you discovered IGGPPC
Facebook, through Geek Girls I think
*How many rounds you’ve been a part of (and your first round), how many pen pals you currently have
I’ve been in about 8 rounds off and on since the Third round 🙂 This is cause I mostly do them in the summer when I can devote a good chunk of time to my pen pals. Right now I have about 6 pen pals, though most I met through things other than pairings.

*Are you a member of any groups, activities on the site? (Or a creator of one)
I’ve been apart of the Geek Girl Notebook Box, which I’m proud to say my girls are still circulating. 🙂 I also joined Geek Girl Brunch, which I found through IGGPPC. I’ve done several swaps and created a few, including Pin swaps, postcard swaps and candy swaps.
*Any special projects you’re working on
Mostly just Geek Girl Brunch right now, but planning on looking into some more stuff over Christmas break!
*Something you’re excited about in regards to IGGPPC, something you’d like to see in the IGGPPC (in general)
I recently met an Iggle in my home town, through Geek Girl Brunch and am super excited to meet a fellow Iggle! I would love to see a IGGPPC meeting in my area to meet more, and I plan on trying to orchestrate one in the future!.
* Have you made any specific or significant IGGPPC friends? (Feel free to mention them)
Yes! Emy, of course, who has become a very good friend and my cosplay buddy! Kirsty, from New Zealand has been a delightful friend and one I talk to often, as well as the Iggle I met in my hometown, Amanda/Krystelle MT.
Is there anything you’re grateful for this year?
Many things, but in regards to IGGPPC, I am grateful that there as to many lovely ladies who are so understanding and that they will always be there when I finish school and need to relax or talk, or when I just need to escape for a little while, I can always find an Iggle to connect with.
Any Iggles you’re grateful for?
All of them! But I am probably most grateful for Emy, who has been a great friend and who I’ve enjoyed sharing my geeky loves with, only to find we have so many in common. She the friend I imagine taking from Iggppc and still having 20 years from now. 
What about activities?
All the lovely Swaps, as well as the Summer Camp that happened this year, allowing me to get involved when I could, but without any pressure when I couldn’t. It was great to be able to feel connected without the pressure or stress of having to pick between it and school.
Something you think everyone should be thankful for?
Iggppc in general. I know so many ladies who have met their geeky best friends/soul mates through Iggppc. The sense of community and friendship you find with other Iggles. And true friendship, the kind that does’t come out of convenience, but true connection, like you can find with your fellow Iggles, is something you can never have enough of.

What you’re looking forward to in December?
Being able to sign up for my first pairing and swaps in months, getting back into the community and seeing what geeky things the girls are coming up with for the holiday season as well as putting in my own person input, maybe starting a holiday recipe swap, or geeky gift ideas. 🙂
How do you celebrate the holidays?
Lots of baking, some meaningful, or at least well thought out presents, attempts at crafts around the table, having fun. Lots of time with families and friends and just being grateful for what and who I have in my life.
Any cool traditions?
Besides the usual Christmas lights, tree and stockings, we have lots of baked goodies that we swap with the neighbors in a sense of holiday spirit. Generally a big family gathering at my uncles with lots of talking and catching up. Annoying my nieces and enjoying spending time with the part of my family I don’t get to see often. Trying to knit some scarves and sweaters that somehow never get finished, but puts me in the holiday spirit anyways. 

What You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things
These change all the time, but Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and Disney
Favorite IGGPPC activity
Does making friends count? 🙂 Cause honestly, that’s what keeps me coming back.
Where your pen pal is from?
My most recent one was from Peru. 🙂 I’ve been neglecting her, so I need to send her a Christmas package, thanks for reminding me. 😛 
Do you have a favorite book, video game, etc (if so, what is it?)
Favorite book would probably be Alice in Wonderland. Off the top of my head at least. If I think about it to long, I’d never be able to choose!
Favorite pen pal package must have (what you like to get and what you like to send)
I love to receive post cards and letters. Seriously, the way people write, their penmanship, what they say, it’s such a great way to get to know someone. Other than that, something local. Me, I like to send something that’s made local in my home town, like specialty candy or something I know they will like, so it really depends on the person.
Something new you’re getting into.
SEWING. All my pen pals I talk to alot know this, I’m rather obsessed with it right now. My end goal? Cosplay. 🙂
Something you think other people should get into
SEWING/COSPLAY. XD Seriously, it’s addictive and such a great way to express yourself. If not sewing, some kinda of crafting or creating. Being productive, making things with your hands makes you feel better. It’s therapeutic.
Any facts or tidbits about you, that you want to share.
I’m a bibliophile. 🙂 Anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it means I’m obsessed with books. I love animals and want to be a wildlife biologist. I also love to write and want to find out if there is(or start one if there isn’t) a IGGPPC NaNoWriMo group.
What you love about the IGGPPC
Everything, but most importantly, the people. The people are what make it as amazing as it is. <3

There you have it folks! Be sure to direct any questions or comments to Rebecca in the comments or on Twitter! You can also nominate the December Iggle Idols directly to me @iggleidols on Twitter! Until next year!