Greetings and salutations once again Iggles of all shapes and sizes!

It is I (Emy, if you’ve forgotten), back to entice you and entrance you with another exciting episode of Iggle Idols!

This fantastic round, is focusing on the Iggles of October! (So named the Hallowiggles, to which I adore).  For this post, I’ll glamourize one of the two selected Iggles (who was nominated! Remember you can nominate any Iggle you adore that fits whatever theme you like!). Her name is Lydia and she’s rather spooktacular.


Name: Lydia

Age: 27

Birthday: June 30th

What House You’re In: GLaDOS

Location: Southwest Missouri

Social Media:

  • Twitter: @lapetitelydia
  • IG: @lapetitedevotchka

*Bloggers Note : Lydia was nominated for her Halloween decorating skills she showed off on Instagram! It’d spoil it if the pictures were posted here (wink wink)*


How did you discover the IGGPPC? My friend Mariel was talking about it on Twitter and I ended up checking it out and loved it. So fun!

How many rounds you’ve been a part of (and your first round)? I’ve been part of several. I started around June 2013 I believe.

How many pen pals you currently have? Three consistent ones.

Are you a member of any groups, activities on the site? Does suggesting the All Hallow’s Read swap count? I do participate in a few swaps when I can, too. I also blog once a month on my newbie cooking adventures!

Any special projects you’re working on? For the IGGPPC: just my blogs. For life: Some exciting work things.

Something you’re excited about in regards to IGGPPC/something you’d like to see in the IGGPPC. I am excited to see more swaps and I really like how they’ve been redone. I like organization! I would like to see some part of the site dedicated to mental health. Not just the forums, but blog posts too.

Have you made any specific or significant IGGPPC friends? I’ve made several! I was already friends with Mariel, but have become good friends with Valerie, as well. It’s been super fun! I also have several others that I love chatting with. :)

What was your inspiration for your Halloween awesomeness? I just love Halloween. For the last few years, we lived somewhere where we didn’t trust putting up decorations. They might’ve been stolen or destroyed. So, this year we were finally able to decorate. I am hoping to add more throughout the years.

Is this a yearly thing? It will be!

Is there a Halloween tradition or activity you’d like to see on the IGGPPC next year? I’d like to see more of a focus on classic horror films! Or Tim Burton movie night! But Burton movie nights can happen any time of year. I’m not picky. Tim Burton = the best.

Did you participate in any Hallowiggle activities? I wrote two blogs for the HallowIggles activities and read several others. I didn’t have much of a chance to do other things, but I had fun looking at what others were doing. I did dress up for Halloween! But that wasn’t specifically for HallowIggle events.

What was your favorite of the Hallowiggle activities? I liked seeing people’s costumes. That was neat.

Favorite Geeky Thing. Favorite? Yikes. Well, I’ll go with the “no duh!” option…READING. The joke is that I hardly ever stop reading and in a way, it is pretty true.

What Did You Put as Your Top 5 Geeky Things? This time around I focused on Halloween. So Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Gorey, HP Lovecraft, Classic Horror, and Dark Fantasy. I meant to add the Egyptian Book of the Dead but forgot. *cries* My usual top 5 though are Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton, Reading, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, and I always add either Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who. I’ve been trying to mix it up lately though.

Favorite IGGPPC activity. The swaps when I can participate. :)

Where is your pen pal from? One is from New Zealand, another from Oklahoma, and the other from Mexico.

Favorite pen pal package must have (what you like to get and what you like to send). Books and/or tea.

Do you have a favorite book, video game, etc (if so, what is it)? SEVERAL. Favorite book by far is Les Miserables. Such a great book. My favorite authors are split into levels and in level one I have Victor Hugo, Edgar Allan Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, & Neil Gaiman. Those are the four authors who have had the biggest impact in my life. My favorite video game is TOMB RAIDER. SO GOOD. I’ve played for about 15 years now. I also enjoy the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

Something new you’re getting into. Can I count Joe Hill books? Not horror, because I’ve read a lot of horror novels, but I’m new to Joe Hill. I love his writing style.

Something you think other people should get into. SUPERNATURAL. And reading the classics (outside of Jane Austen. She’s good, but there are some absolute real gems outside of her catalog). OH, and Ancient Egyptian myths. French Revolution. HISTORY.

Any facts or tidbits about you, that you want to share. I am a cat lady. I have four cats and one dog. All are rescues. Pumpkin was found 18 years ago with a plastic bag over her face. She’s been my BFF ever since.Arya was a stray cat hanging out in my parent’s neighborhood and it was obvious she had been abused. It took three years, but she is finally super cuddly. Hedwig was rescued after her mom was and had kittens.Chewie was going to be sent to the pound because people were moving so Chad and I took her in. AndCharlotte (the dog) was found on a farm with a severely broken leg. It was so bad it had to be amputated. And she was obviously abused as well. She is now happy and healthy, and doesn’t even realize she is only a three-legged dog.

What you love about the IGGPPC? I love the community. Even if I don’t sign up for a round, I still meet new people and exchange cards or gifts with them. It is really fun. I’ve been going through some hard things lately, and having the consistency of this group has really helped.






And there you have it my lovely Iggle masses! Remember. You can ask Lydia any questions (be reasonable of course) via the comment section, by direct tweeting @IggleIdols (and maybe even Lydia herself, if you promise not to overwhelm her of course!), or by using the hashtag #iggleidols!

Now, it is November. Usually here in the U.S. it’s considered a time to be thankful. With that spirit, I’m looking entirely for nominations this month. Nominations of Iggles that YOU are thankful for knowing. Maybe it’s a super awesome friend, or pen pal. Or just an Iggle that you admire. Maybe you’ve seen them post once or twice. Entirely UP TO YOU! Send all nominations my way (@IggleIdols on Twitter). I’m open to any and all Iggles out there. (Just don’t nominate yourself of course! Lol)