Hello Iggle Fitness fans and welcome to September. September is the time of year when a lot of us return to work or school following a summer of holidays, camp, fun, and games and so we all feel slightly deflated when real life takes back over. As a result of this (and sitting at a desk all day) our shoulders can become rounded and our posture is affected causing aches and pains throughout our body. All Iggles should stand tall and proud, so we are bringing you some simple exercises which will help prevent and correct rounded shoulders, especially if you add them into your normal exercise routine.

Exercise 1 – Chest Stretch 

For this exercise you will need a wall or door frame to hold on to.

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Place an outstretched arm against a wall or door frame and lean forward with the same shoulder
  • You will know you are doing this correctly if you feel a stretch in your chest
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds

For this exercise we want you to complete 3 sets of 30 seconds on each side.

Exercise 2 – Prone Y Extension

  • Lie on the floor face down with you legs shoulder width apart and your arms in a Y shape above your head
  • Lift your torso off the ground and lift your arms turning your palms towards the ceiling
  • Hold for 10 seconds

We would like 3 sets of 8 repetitions of this exercise.

Exercise 3 – Neck Scrunch (this is a very technical term that I just made up)

  • Stand up as tall and straight as you can
  • Pull your head straight backwards until you create a “double chin”
  • Hold for 3 seconds

We would like 3 sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Exercise 4 – Chest Expansion Stretch

  • Stand up straight, with feet shoulder width apart and interlace your fingers behind your back
  • Push your arms down and out while expanding your chest
  • Hold for 3 seconds

We would like 3 sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

On top of doing these exercises, being aware of your posture while standing and sitting will help, try to maintain a good posture at all times. It will be uncomfortable at first, especially if you are used to slouching, but it will soon become natural.


If you feel comfortable in doing so, we’d love to see pictures of your posture at the beginning of the month, and then again in the middle, and at the end to see any and all progress you have made.


Reading Is Good For Your Health

For September’s wellness side of our challenge, we would like you to choose a health related book, be it a cookery book, exercise book, mental health book etc, and we would like you to read it and share with us what you personally think is the greatest advice/exercise/recipe that you find in it. We would also like to see pictures of your chosen book. Remember to tweet your pictures and findings @IggleFitness using the #IggleFitness.


We look forward to seeing what you all choose to read and seeing your posture progress pictures. If you need any support, cheerleading or questions answered, please just let us know!