Being the hero or heroine in your own story is a tough job, and the Iggle Fitness Team is here to help you through it!

Surviving Your Own Fairy Tale

This month Iggle Fitness is taking an interactive approach to fitness and wellness. Each day in October you will be living your very own Fairy Tale – which we will be writing with you as you go.

Where your fairy tale begins…

A task will be tweeted and posted in the forum each day. It is your job to complete the task and move your story forward. Some days will involve a choice – your story may diverge from that of your peers based upon the choices that you make along the way.

The tasks will alternate between physical, mental, and wellness related, and will be accessible to all levels of fitness. We want to see you stay in tip-top shape and give you the best chance of surviving your fairy tale!

Can’t participate every day? That’s OK! You can take your time and progress through your tale more slowly if you need to. For example, if you can only complete tasks Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Monday would be Day 1, Wednesday would be Day 2, Friday would be Day 3, and so on.

Let’s Get Started!

Day one: First things first, make sure you’ve got your canteen filled and a pair of sturdy shoes. Adventuring is thirsty work, and we want to make sure you survive your very first day!

Task 1: Show us your kicks and your daily water container.

Day two: Take a peek outside: Walking down the path ahead is your task for Day 2 – Do you go left into the forest, or right into the meadow?

two paths

Do you go left or right? How will your story unfold?

Task 2: 10 minute walk. Show us your route, and tell us what path you’re going to take! Left or Right?

Check in with us on Twitter and the forums for your tasks for Day 3 and beyond. The choice you make on Day 2 is going to begin your adventure and determine which direction it takes… stay tuned! Use the #igglefitness tag to let us know about your October fitness undertakings and to keep track of your fellow iggles as they progress through their own fairy tales!