Hi everyone! Toasty, here. When I heard the June Iggle Fitness Challenge was yoga, I immediately thought of my friend, Laura. She’s a photographer and yogi who runs a blog called Sloth Yoga, and it is super adorable! I asked her if she wanted to do a geeky sloth yoga post and she came up with the best idea! The following is cross-posted from her blog with her permission for your reading pleasure. If you like what you see, please head over to her blog and see what it’s all about. She’s awesome! Okay, now on to her post!



A long time ago in a room with a tv and a couch…

When my hubs and I heard they were making Star Wars: Episode VII, we felt it was our duty to refresh our memories and watch all six previous movies as quickly as possible.  Ah, binge-watching.  It feels so good, then it feels so bad.  But mostly good.  In the sense that I feel like I’m accomplishing SO much!  A whole season or series of movies in one afternoon/night/weekend – something not possible to the people who originally watched the show or movies over the course of months or years.  SO. Accomplished.  I bet those other people really felt like they wasted a lot of emotions and time.  Ha.  I’m awesome.

I digress.  This extremely satisfying yet short lived accomplishment is also accompanied by the fact that you have to get off the couch.  You have to get up and continue on with the rest of your life… but you realize your foot and left butt cheek have fallen asleep.  You KNOW what I’m talking about.  We know that I love solving these type of problems with yoga.

I hope these Jedi-tastic yoga moves will get you prepared for the next stage in your life.  May the force be with you. GOD I LOVE YODA. By the way, Yoda is SO yoga.

Also, a huge *high-five* to my friend Arielle who asked me to do this guest post for her International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club! I hope they can get their sloth stretch on!

 “Do or do not… there is no try.” – Yoda



*During all the poses, just do some slow, slothy happy breathing.*

1. My slothy forward bend.  If you’re tight like me, you’ll feel this.

2. Shoulder rolls.  My dog Bambi is not impressed, but I am.

3. A little backbend with the support of the couch.  Where is my husband?! He could totally support me in this pose. psh.

4. Faceplant.  Just kidding! This is called childs pose.  You’re gonna want to do it after the backbend. Trust. Me.

5 & 6. A lunge with one knee down.  First, stick your hands up in the air, bend back, and breathe for a little, then do a twist (6).  You can even do it all fancy like me with the prayer hands.  I’m praying for dessert after.  mmMMmm.

7 & 8. I hope this looks familiar.  It’s the same as 5 & 6. except with the legs switched out and twisting to the other side.  You do not want to be unbalanced. Again, trust me.

9 & 10. WARRIOR 2 POSE! AAARRRRGGG!  Can you see me taking control of my life?  Can you also see that my knee doesn’t go past my ankle?  I just “yoga teachered” you. Ha.

11 & 12. WARRIOR 1 POSE! Hands up! Breathe.  Can you see that my knee still doesn’t go past my ankle?  I’m trying to help you!!!

13 & 14. Quad stretch/balancing. 14 is suppose to be with my opposite leg.  For the love of GOD, just switch out your legs here.  I want you to be balanced! Trust. ME.  I only want the best for you.

“Luminous beings we are.  Not this crude matter.” – Yoda

Thank you Yoda.  You know just what to say.

P.S. My husband and I have decided that the only Star Wars movie worth living for is A New Hope (what I originally typed because I’m in the haze of binge-watching, obviously ;) The Empire Strikes Back, mainly because of Yoda.  & his Yoda-isms.  They’re fantastic in that episode.

Sloth picture by the fabulous: http://www.fiverr.com/lixandra


Okay, I hope y’all thought that was as awesome as I did! Don’t forget that I didn’t write this, the awesome Laura Puzic did! So definitely head over to Sloth Yoga to check out her other posts and also like her page on Facebook!

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