Greetings, fitness champs! I’ve got some important updates about Iggle Fitness Club, and then I’ll announce the new fitness challenge for November.


I’m sad to announce I must step down from my leadership position with the Iggle Fitness Club, thanks to the double whammy of staffer obligations and IRL grad student busy-ness. I’ll still be around, of course, and engaging in fitness hijinks whenever I can (goodness knows I need the break from all the studying I’ve been doing lately). But, I’m passing the torch on to some EXCELLENT new team members.

Helen aka the wonderful NerdishMum is the new acting leader of Iggle Fitness. She is joined by Amanda, Christina, Christine, Meghan, and Robyn. This awesome team are fellow iggles who will take over cheering on everyone via Twitter, maintaining the fitness forum space, and announcing fitness challenges every month.

Round of applause ladies, and best wishes!


With the change in team leadership comes an update to the challenge format, as well! We’ve hosted about half a dozen fitness challenges in the last year, but the team is starting a new numbering system so all these activities can be more easily kept up with.

All fitness challenges will now be announced on the 1st of every month via blog post, so check the IGGPPC +5 Charisma blog every month to see what the next challenge is. Everything else stays pretty much the same – the challenges cover 28 to 31 days (depending on the month) of fitness activities, and when you complete the entire challenge in one month, you report to the team to receive a special ACHIEVEMENT CODE!

Whoo hoo, so are you ready to get started? This month we’re doing…

CHALLENGE #1: The 30 Day LBD Challenge!

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Let’s start off by addressing the concept of this challenge – “LBD” stands for “Little Black Dress”. First, throw away society’s misguided notions that you have to be skinny and sexy to be considered beautiful. We do not share this belief, nor is this challenge focused on it. We selected this challenge because we took a look at the exercises, and noticed that they are some great core strengthening exercises that will get your blood moving and your muscles working. We hope that by the end of the 30 days, you’ll see some changes you are happy with and that you’ll feel more fit!

(Remember that squat challenge we did last year? Many iggles reported having firmer, more shapely buns AND feeling the difference in their leg strength! We’re going for that with your core this time around.)

Here are the rules: you must complete this challenge within 30 days. We understand this announcement was released late, so it’s okay to start tomorrow (November 2) and then to check in on December 1. (Don’t skip rest days, they are very important!)

As long as you do all of the exercises listed for each day, you have done your exercise for the day. But for those of you who want to push yourselves, repeat the exercises listed for as many rounds as you can. This will really help get your heart pumping and your core working.

When you’ve completed the challenge, check in by tweeting at @igglefitness or commenting on this post to receive an achievement code. Good luck!

Thanks to for this challenge!