Welcome to June! We’re (almost) halfway through the year already!

Fitness Challenge

This month’s fitness challenge is: Deskercizing!

Sitting at a desk all day can be frustrating for anyone, especially when the weather is nice and we’d rather be outside!  If you’re stuck inside this summer, we’ve come up with an exercise routine for you!  A few simple exercises you can do while sitting down.  There will be a few things you will need to get started:

  1. A chair. Preferably a desk chair that can be raised and lowered.  If you don’t have this type of chair, then choose one where your feet rest lightly on the ground.  This will help with some of the exercises.
  2. A heavy thick book. (Text books work great!)
  3. Finally, a positive attitude!

These exercises will focus on legs, arms, and core.  You should do each exercise 2x per day, and it should take about 10 minutes each time.

Day 1: Grab your book! Sit up straight in your chair.  Lift the book over your head.  (You will probably get some strange looks.)  Lower your arms behind your head, then pull up.  Do that for 12 reps.  Feel those arm muscles working!

Day 2: Sit in your chair so that your feet barely touch the ground (if you have an adjustable chair, make the necessary adjustments before beginning.) Kick your right leg out in front of you.  Then the left.  Repeat that for 3 sets of 12 reps.  Do this slowly.  Kicking your legs out quickly won’t help as much and you will look way more silly to your co-workers.

Day 3:  Grab your book! Sit up straight in your chair. Holding the book in both hands, stretch your arms out in front of you.  Curl your arms like you are doing a bicep curl with both arms.   Do 3 sets of 12 reps of this.

Day 4: Place your book on your lap.  Sit up straight in your chair. Lift your legs straight out in front of you, working to keep the book in your lap.  Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

Day 5: Grab your book! Hold the book out in front of you and lift over your head.  Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

Day 6-10: Repeat days 1 to 5 but add on the following exercise to each day.  Hold the book out in front of you.  Do short up/down strokes at a controlled speed.  Complete 12 reps.

Days 11-15: Repeat days 6-10, adding an additional set of the main exercise.

Days 16-25 Repeat day 11-15, adding an additional set of the up/down strokes with the book.

Want to change it up a bit? Take it outside! Do your exercises on a park bench, a beach chair, or a random handy chair-like object!

Bonus achievement opportunity: Share a picture of you doing the deskercize – at work, at school, out and about… we want to see you working those muscles!

Wellness Challenge

This month’s wellness challenge is called Triple Threat!

We have three goals for you this month:

1.) Eating healthy by including at least one thing from each of the 5 major food groups in each of your meals/snacks on a daily basis. The food groups are: Meat, Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains. (If you have an allergy or intolerance for one of these food groups, you still qualify. Adjust accordingly!) Maybe replace those cookies with some carrots?

Small changes make a big difference!

2.) Staying hydrated by drinking a minimum amount of water each day. The calculation we will be using to determine how much water you should drink each day is to divide your weight (in pounds) by 3. That number is the minimum number of ounces you should drink each day. (If your weight is 150 lbs, you’d need 50 ounces of water each day.)

Did you know that staying hydrated protects your eyes, too? It helps them maintain their natural pH balance for tears and prevents over-drying during activities.

3.) Giving your body recovery time by getting 6-8 hours of sleep per night. (As appropriate for you… everyone is a little different!)

Being well-rested helps us feel better all-around. Our brains and bodies work better when we give them a chance to recharge. Catching some zzz’s is a great way to help take care of the body that works so hard for you!

There will be an individual achievement for each step of the wellness program – plus a bonus achievement for completing all three.

Don’t forget to keep us posted on your progress! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Use #igglefit and #igglefitness hashtags to share news, updates, and things of interest with us!