If you are playing catch up, or need a refresher on the rules of the #IggleFitnessChallenge, then go here first before diving in!

Day 5 Challenge

Today we exercise our minds and bodies with two challenges!!!

“6 Pack Attack” – Everyone wants a flat stomach, and while a huge portion of that battle occurs in the kitchen with the food you eat, once you start slimming down you want to have some muscle definition waiting…


“Goal Setting 101” – The best way to push yourself to succeed is to plan out your goals and make yourself accountable. Today we are going to do just that.


Make that goal public!

State it openly on your blog, your Facebook page, Google+, wherever! Just put it someplace the world can see and people are able to hold you accountable!

Remember, if you have questions about the exercises just reach out to the Activity Coordinators for assistance!

How to get your achievement

You have to complete both!

Sweaty selfie and public declaration time! Tweet, or post a link to both your picture and to wherever your public fitness goal is posted to your Activity Coordinator, @igglefitness or @themightyjerd (using #IggleFitnessChallenge)! Or post a comment below!