One of the best parts about going to camp? Getting outside and doing things!

The IGGPPC Summer Camp is no different; so what if it’s virtual?

Over the next 9 days you are going to be partaking in all sorts of ultra-cool activities and challenges, but the majority of them have something to do with your computer. For this challenge I want you disconnect yourself from the Matrix for 20 minutes each day and try to focus on your health and fitness.

Set aside a little time each day (whenever you can fit it in, no set schedule) and let’s come out of Summer Camp a little healthier than we were going in.


On Day 1 let your Activity Coordinator (@igglefitness! or @themightyjerd!) know which challenge mode you want to undertake – Beginner, Intermediate or Hardcore.

At anytime during the challenge you can bump yourself, but there’s no turning back. Once you commit to a higher level you are pledging to finish it out!

Every day consists of a challenge (some are multiple parts) for you to undertake, and a completion criteria.

At the end of Summer Camp, those who have completed all 9 days successfully, will not only be on their way to a healthier life, but will also be given a super-cool fitness prize pack from!

Day 1 Challenge

In the spirit of Summer Camp it would be great if you can accomplish this outside, enjoying some fresh air, but if the weather sucks or you don’t live in an area conducive to it, then the treadmill at the gym works too.


How to get your achievement

Selfie time! Tweet, or post a link to a selfie of you, after you’re done getting those legs moving to your Activity Coordinator! Use #IggleFitnessChallenge! Or you can post a comment with your selfie… or you can just directly tweet us at @igglefitness! or @themightyjerd!

Win 3 e-books!


Any Iggle who completes all 9 challenges will win a free copy of my new 3 e-book bundle, Heroes’ Transformation. This is what the books are all about:

Heroes’ Transformation Diet Guide (81 Pages)

  • The Heroes’ Transformation Philosophy – Learn the 8 tenets that will guide you to a fit and healthy life.
  • Food 101 – Everything you need to know about calories, nutrients, your metabolism and reading a nutrition label.
  • Anatomy of a Meal – Learn what, and how much, you should be putting on your plate as well as what you should be avoiding.
  • How to Succeed – The battle with food is all in your mind. Here are the techniques and tactics you will use to conquer your diet.

Heroes’ Transformation Quick Start Guide (31 Pages)

  • How to Get Started – Learn the tried and true strategies you can implement right away to start living healthier today.
  • Know Your Enemy – How to identify shady marketing and “healthy” foods that really aren’t, and how to pick healthy alternatives.
  • How to Win at Grocery Shopping – What to buy, where to buy it, what to avoid, and how to do it quickly. (Including a sample of my personal, weekly shopping list)
  • Assemble Your Own Superhero Team of Awesome – Learn why having a team of like-minded individuals working with you increases your chance of success exponentially.

Heroes’ Transformation Kitchen Guide (36 Pages)

  • Cooking 101 – Everything you need to know to not suck in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen Essentials – All the basics of stocking a healthy kitchen.
  • Healthy Recipes – 12 delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks) to get you started.
  • Tons of Additional Resources – More links and references than you can shake a stick at with thousands of easy Paleo, Vegetarian, and Vegan recipes.

So get moving Iggles!