Everyone wants a nice pair of legs to be able to wear that perfect dress for a special occasion, or maybe so they can feel confident while wearing shorts, skirts or even leggings. In April, Iggle Fitness wants to help you work on toning your legs! We’ve split the challenge into two tiers so that you can choose whichever level is best for you.


Fitness Challenge


Level 1

Day 1 – 10 squats, 15 lunges and a 25 second wall sit

Day 2 – 20 toe touches and 50 jumping jacks

And then repeat for the rest of the month


Level 2

Day 1 – 20 squats, 30 lunges and a 50 second wall sit

Day 2 – 40 toe touches and 100 jumping jacks

And then repeat for the rest of the month

What a perfect squat looks like Image source: <http://laurenceourac.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/squats-1.jpg>



Wellness Challenge

Continuing our goal of promoting wellness for our iggles, we are declaring April a “Month Without” – where we give up something that we know is not good for us for the 30 days of April. This could be anything that you’ve wanted to let go of or cut back on, but just hadn’t been able to quite motivate yourself to do on your own. It could be sugar, caffeine, junk food, gluten… gaming, excessive screen time, or smoking. It’s up to you and the possibilities are endless! We’re just here to cheer you on and help you stick to your goal. Need some help setting a realistic goal for yourself? Just let us know! We’re here to help.


Tweet at us: @igglefitness or share on the forums what you’re planning to give up for April for a healthier, happier you! Let us know what we can do to help you stay motivated!


We’ll have achievement codes for all 3 phases of the April challenge, so you can do one or all of them…don’t forget to check in at the end of the month for your codes if you’ve completed the challenges!