Greetings you lovely, lovely iggles!! noxy here with another Iggle Crafts update! January’s perler bead Craft Challenge and snowy scene Paint Challenge went swimmingly! Hooray! And this month’s challenges should be fun as well! They also coincide with IGGPPC’s theme for Round 21 – Hearts:

Craft Challenge: Make a heart plushie!

Paint Challenge: 100 Hearts!

Remember! You can do any of the craft & paint challenges at any time to get the achievement for them! (Only one achievement per challenge though.)

Moving on, last month I ran a mini test event – a live tweeting, painting event! A handful of iggles all gathered together on the twitters, and painted pac man levels!

Pac Man Paintings

Completed Pac Man Paintings

It went so well, I’ve decided to make it a regular thing! It was originally supposed to be a google hangout + live tweet event, but I had the flu and was feeling too icky to set up a web cam. So this month, it will be a full fledged, google hangout/live tweet! Here’s the date and times:

Iggle Live Painting
February 13th, 2015
First Event:      1pm CST / 7pm GMT
Second Event: 7pm CST / 1am GMT

That’s TWO events to choose from! (So I’ll be painting the same thing twice.)

The painting we’ll be doing is super simple this month, but it goes with hearts & Valentine’s Day – I think it’s adorable, and I hope you do too!


So we’re essentially using only two paint colors! Black for the shadows/word and another color for the heart behind them! Of course, you’re free to add colors/hearts/words/etc. to your own painting. Go crazy if you want! 🙂

More details! 
~ I’ll be live tweeting through the Paint Challenge twitter account – @IgglePC
~ We’ll be using this hashtag –  #IggleCCLive
~ I’ll post a link to the google hangout on @IgglePC, @IggleCCand @msnoxy
~ Wine/alcohol is optional and only allowed if you’re of age. Please drink responsibly.

So I hope you’ll join me – if only to keep me company. ☺