Greetings all! noxy here, hoping you’re all well and knowing you’re all AWESOME!! I’m just here, writing up a quick post about some craft related fun stuff.

First off, as was announced just a couple of days ago, clubs have been disbanded! That means goodbye “Iggle Craft Club” – but no worries! The only thing being done away with is the title. What once was Iggle Craft Club shall now be known as:


Iggle crafts!!

So if you’re feeling crafty, and want to share pictures of your work, you can head on over to the Crafting Activities SubForum.


If you’re feeling crafty and don’t know what to make, why not try one of our Iggle Craft Challenges? There are over a dozen to choose from – one for each month since the Craft Challenges started. And don’t forget the 9 Craft Challenges from IGGPPCamp! You can do any of them at any time for their achievement, so long as you show your work! 🙂

PLUS! For those interested in painting, an Iggle PAINT Challenge was started just a couple months ago! All challenges can be found in that same Crafting Forum!

This January marks one year since the Iggle Craft Challenges started! Can you believe it?? Soooo much has since been created and shared with IGGPPC! I tried to go back and grab everything to show you, but I’ve probably missed some. (sorry if I missed yours!) Click on each picture for better viewing:

Iggle Crafts: January through July

August through December
August through December

Here’s some of the Paint Challenge entries:
Isn’t it all so amazing?? I love seeing what everyone comes up with for each challenge!!

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out that forum, and follow @IggleCC and @IgglePC on the twitters if in case you have any questions,  or want to share your creations! (or @msnoxy if you’d just like to chat)
Happy crafting!

(And in case you’re interested, this month’s craft challenge is Perler Beads and this month’s paint challenge is to paint a snowy scene!) 😉