Hadas, here. I was bad and Iggle Bits is a bit late, but that means you get two episodes at one time!

Iggle Bits: Episode 3

StewieSummerToastyHadas, and Rosa are here to tell you all about what came up for the IGGPPC this month!


This month’s theme is FOR SCIENCE! This month we’re celebrating all things science!

Amanda, Franny, Sophie are hosted an Iggle Science Fair June 22-29. Experiments involved Volcano, egg geodes, slime, lava lamp, stalactites & stalagmites, and tabletop hovercraft. Watch for a blog post for more info!


Iggle Crafts

Join Noxy and get crafty with Iggle Crafts. This month’s craft challenge is to create a Zine, and the paint challenge is to make a self-portrait! Follow @IggleCrafts on Twitter. Use #igglecc or #igglepc to share your work on Twitter and Instagram.


Iggle Bookworms

This month IggleWorms are reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman and Blue Exorcist, Vol. 1 by Kazue Kato and John Werry. The Monthly Challenge is to read a non-fiction book on any science topic. So be sure to stay updated on the Good Reads page, @Igglebookworms on Twitter, and on the forums!


Iggle Flicks

IggleFlicks has a great selection of movies to watch in honor of our science month including Young Frankenstein, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown, and our bonus film is Re-Animator. Use #iggleflicks on Twitter to share your thoughts!


Iggle Videogames

Iggle Gamers are playing some fun things! This month you’ll find them trying out Destiny, Tomb Raider Relic Run, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Robot Unicorn 2, and Just Cause 2. Use #igglesgame and follow @igglegamers on Twitter! Use #igglesgame and follow @igglegamers on Twitter!

Iggle Events

On August 8th join Iggle Leah in a science outing to the St. Louis Science Center and Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis Missouri.


This month we have a number of swaps happening over on the swaps forum!  There’s a swap for you. Be sure to check on the forums for all the details, or maybe even start your own – geekgirlpenpals.com/forums. Use #iggleswaps to share photos of your swaps, and follow @iggleswaps on Twitter for all the news!


Iggle Tabletop Gaming

Follow @iggppctabletop on Twitter for all the info and use #igglesplay to share your thoughts on the game!

Iggles Write

Our IgglesWrite challenge for the month is to create your own scientist. They can be evil, mad, good, or even boring! Check out the forums for more details and don’t forget to follow @iggleswrite on twitter!

House News

House Organa wants to see your Science Everyday Cosplay! Dress up as your favorite scientist and share with us! Check the House Organa forums for all the details or follow @houseorgana on Twitter!


We’ve chosen camp counselors! Head to IGGPPCamp’s home page to find out all the details by checking the Camp Bulletin Board.

Geek Loves

Every month we’ll share our favorite most interesting Geek Loves that Pen Pals submitted for a previous sign up round.

Ask JimBob

You asked and he answered! To get your questions answered by JimBob tweet #AskJimBob at @IGGPPCHQ on Twitter!

See Ya Around Iggles!

Charm Bomb Episode 3: For Science!

Summer, StewieHadasToasty,  and Rosa are here for the third full episode of Charm Bomb!

NERDY NEWS (00:00:00)- Once again, we were pitted against each other to represent the four IGGPPC houses. Find out which house won and test your Nerdy News knowledge, Jeopardy style!

MAIN DISCUSSION (00:05:43)- June’s sign up theme was FOR SCIENCE! We chatted about smart ladies in many scientific fields and learned a lot from Toasty and Nickelback.

INTERACTIVE PORTION (00:45:32)- We asked questions on Facebook and Twitter and we got some great answers!

NAME THAT FICTIONAL SCIENTIST (00:49:52): Stewie had us a pick our favorite element and test our science fiction IQ. Play along!

FANDOM FAVS (00:55:14)- Every month we’ll pick a fandom to learn about and discuss our favorite or most relatable characters. This time we talked about the magical girl sensation, Sailor Moon. Which Sailor Scout had us cracking up? It’s not who you think. 🙂
HereHere’s the quiz we took.

See Ya Around Iggles!


We turned ourselves into Sailor Scouts! Turn yourself into one here and post it in the comments.
In order from left to right: Hadas, Stewie, Rosa, Toasty, and Sumsy
hadas stewie


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