I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the awesome outfit posts going around in the geek blogosphere… ‘If My Blog Was An Outfit’ on A Geek and Her Oven, The Nerdy Girlie, and Girl Gone Geek, just to name a few.  We just absolutely love these outfits and the idea! We thought it’d be fun to make some outfits that represent IGGPPC. There’s a wide range of interests and geek loves on this site so today I came up with ‘If Our Blog Was An Outfit: Marvel’. I know there’s lot of Marvel fans on the site, including myself.

If Our Blog Was An Outfit: Marvel


I included a lot of blue and red in the outfit since Captain America: The Winter Solider is out and is amazing! Everyday cosplay, where you can channel a favourite fictional character (a superhero in this case) in a way that isn’t obvious, unless a fellow fan sees you, is fun! These leggings definitely give away that you’re a Marvel fan, but all the other accessories and colour choices are subtle. Also, as an Iggle, having a notebook and pen on hand seems like a necessity. You never know when inspiration may hit to write a small note to your pen pal or write down a book recommendation from a friend. 

I know I’d rock this entire outfit!

xo Sparkles