A new doll series currently on Kickstarter are these awesome iBesties. Coined as the Dolls for the Future Tech and Business Leaders, these dolls teach girls that there is no reason you can’t be pretty, fun or fashionable and still be a major Tech, Business, or Digital Entrepreneur.

These dolls have it all. The smarts, the looks, and a strong will to get where they want. The creators aren’t planning on stopping at just some cute dolls for your shelves, and for your daughters and sons to play with. No, they are including a book series and planning a series of educational games and coding products.

The characters created are a series of 6 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enthusiastic girls who have created an internet friendship blog, which goes viral. They each have their own interests, looks and unique background.

Distinct in culture, personality and talents, they come from backgrounds that include blended, bi-racial, military and single-parent households. iBesties characters are modern and relevant to kids born in the digital age. The girls are dressed modestly (but trendy), do not wear heels, and have more realistic body frames. – Kickstarter

Now I am a major doll fan, and do not have an issue with dolls like Barbie or Monster High. But it’s nice to see someone taking an original look with their dolls and avoiding the stylized, abstract body form of some popular dolls.

image source: iBesties Kickstarter

image source: iBesties Kickstarter

These dolls are dressed cute and look fun, which is a key point for little girls in the store. As much as most people would like to have their kids only go for more realistic doll styles, the key when it comes to purchasing them is their look. All the dolls are in colourful and patterned clothing, similar to clothing worn by their target age group of 6 to 11.

Once the little girls get drawn into the looks of the dolls, then the stories and games will allow for them to realize that there is nothing wrong about being Tech savvy and being a girl. STEM is not just for boys and this is an opportunity to introduce young girls to that knowledge.

The kickstarter is currently halfway done and half funded. If you would like to contribute and even get a chance at a copy of an original production doll, check them out!

Feature Image: Created by Sylvanfire from iBesties Pictures