Do you have that one TV show that you’ve loved since you were little? That you can remember watching faithfully every time it aired, ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the interesting plot twists and well developed characters, and the promise of a lifetime of faithful TV watching? It could be Sailor Moon,  Avatar, Buffy, or even Full House- but for me, it was The X-Files.

You’re probably thinking, “Huh? A 10 year old watching a show with creepy, terrifying monsters and government conspiracies?” Well, my dad is the one who started it. He fell in love with the show when it aired,  and when I was around ten years old, he bought all nine seasons on box sets. When he started to watch them again, I joined him occasionally- after all, the love of everything creepy, scary, and involving aliens has been passed down. I owe my dad for introducing me to the wonderful world of great TV- and sci fi.

I’ve been nostalgic lately (I’m about to go off to college, after all), and I started to watch the TV show again- what wonderful memories.  I’m still only in the first season, but I can already see the wonderful relationship between Mulder and Scully forming. *fan girl feels* If you haven’t watched The X-Files- GO NOW! It’s got wonderful characters with one of the best ships ever, monster of the week episodes that are sometimes extremely creepy( two words: Fluke Man) or kinda funny, and a mysterious government conspiracy. Oh, yeah. And aliens. Can’t forget those. It’s also a great trip back into the 90s.

If you have seen the show and are a big fan like I am, I have a treat- I’ve wrangled up some of the best X-Files merch! Art, t-shirts, jewelry, stickers- it’s all here.

1. X-Files I Want to Believe Poster – Amazon

X-Files Poster Amazon

Let’s start out with the classic poster. If you want to decorate your house like Mulder’s basement office, this is the first step.

2. Trust No One Punk Dana Scully Baseball Tee – Human

Trust No One Punk Dana Scully Baseball Tee - Look Human

This company has loads of awesome geeky designs, in just about every fandom- but I only discovered they had a good selection of X-Files merchandise last night. Needless to say, this Scully shirt is now at the top of my wishlist.

3.  Alien Planet Earrings – Neon Magic

Alien Planet Earrings Neon Magic

I think that Mulder would approve.

4.  College Fox Mulder & Dana Scully stickersPunk Scully

College Fox Mulder & Dana Scully stickers - PunkScully

After the recent appearance of Gillian Anderson in her punk college days, someone made a Scully & Mulder college AU. And it’s glorious. (You have to buy the stickers separately).

5.  I Want to Believe X-Files Decorative Pillow CoverRegan’s Brain

I Want to Believe X-Files Decorative Pillow Cover -Regan's Brain

Now all you need is an alien pillow, and your couch will be successfully spookified.

6. Mulder & Scully Heart Cameo Pendant NecklaceBlings to Pay the Bills

Mulder & Scully Heart Cameo Pendant Necklace - Blings to Pay the Bills

This way, the two agents will always be in your heart. (Cheesy puns forever).

7. 80s 90s Columbia Jacket Teal & Pink Tiger Style Vintage

80s 90s Columbia Jacket Teal & Pink- Tiger Style Vintage

This jacket looks a lot like the one Scully wears in season one episode “Darkness Falls”, and who doesn’t want to dress like Scully?

8.  Barbie X-Files Gift SetEternitysTreasures1

Barbie X-Files Gift Set - EternitysTreasures1

For the die hard fans. *cough cough*

9. 3 Patch Pack: Cryptozoology Tracking Society Maiden Voyage Clothing

3 Patch Pack Cryptozoology Tracking Society - Maiden Voyage Clothing

I can see Mulder putting these on his FBI jacket and getting in trouble for it- and, of course, not caring.

10.  Teen Wolf X-Files AU Art PrintVulcains

Teen Wolf X-Files AU Art Print - Vulcains

I enjoy it when fandoms collide, and this is a perfect example. Stiles as Mulder and Lydia as Scully? I can believe it.

11. We Are Not Who We Are: An X-Files Zine – Blame Dagger

We Are Not Who We Are An X-Files Zine - Blame Dagger

Worthy of your zine collection.

12. Mothman Brooch The Cryptid Club

Mothman Brooch - The Cryptid Club

Admit it- cryptozoology is cool, and this mothman is cute.

I think that’s enough X-Files to make any fan happy. Do you have a favorite TV show from childhood, or did one of your family members introduce you to everything geeky? If so, comment below!