During our adventures to The Geekie Awards in Hollywood California, where we were nominated for Best Website/Blog, we ended up seeing a lot of epic geek talent on the stage at the Avalon Hollywood Theater. One of those people happened to be the recipient of the Best Personality award, and it went to the YouTube Host Jenny Lorenzo, aka Jenny Lo! We were so happy for Jenny and couldn’t wait to learn more about her cool job.

Jenny up on stage at The Geekie Awards!

She is the host of Aggressive Comix presents: Geekgasm, where she shines through the lens and showcases her quirky tastes, love of 90’s nostalgia, and generally charms the pants off of her audience. Jenny’s website has all the great stuff she’s worked on, so check her out here! Be sure to like the Geekgasm Facebook page, like Jenny’s page on Facebook, and follow Jenny on Twitter!

Jenny talks Nickelodeon… EVERYONE remembers Nickelodeon.

1. Thank you so much for doing this interview… can you tell me – What’s your job title and where do you work?

I have three jobs, to be exact! I’m a video editor at Univision Communications, the Nesquik bunny mascot and brand ambassador for Nesquik AND I host Aggressive Comix Presents: Geekgasm. I promise you I’m not using a Time-Turner a la Hermoine Granger to accomplish all three.


2. Can you tell us a bit about Aggressive Comix and what makes them awesome?

Aggressive Comix started in 1997 with a dream shared between Rich Cassidy and Dom Davis. Two long-time childhood friends from New York. Fast forward to 2011, where I was struck with luck by bumping into Rich at San Diego Comic Con. Shortly after, Geekgasm was born! YATTAH! The fact that Aggressive Comix is run by a buncha nerds with a childhood dream is awesome in and of itself. And though I wasn’t friends with Rich and Dom growing up, we share similar goals and aspirations. And AC has helped me realize many of them.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to become a professional YouTuber and TV personality? Were you inspired by others?

I knew I wanted to be on YouTube before YouTube was brought into existence! No, seriously. I remember my 12-year-old self scavenging the interwebs far and wide for a site that would let me upload my own video content and, sure, there were cheap attempts here and there but it was DEFINITELY no YouTube. By the time 2005 hit (the birth of ze YouTube), I’d check out personalities like Fred and that dude who made the “Shoes” video… and I would *sigh*. I *sighed* a lot. Because I wanted that to be me.

4. What did you go to school for? Did school primarily help you get into the TV business, or did other hobbies, work experience, and personal learning on your own time help more?

From Pre-K to high school I was heavily involved in the arts. And I always worked my way up to attain leadership positions. I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be an actress, but it wasn’t until I took a TV production course in high school that I fell in love with editing and the idea of becoming a filmmaker as well. Like most artists, I doubted myself and decided to major in graphic design my first year of college but that quickly changed when my love for acting overcame my fear of failure. SO. I switched my major to Theatre-Arts in college and then went to on film school at the University of Miami where I double majored in Motion Pictures and Theatre-Arts. I focused on screenwriting and directing a lot while in school and found myself editing 24/7. Probably one of the best decisions I could ever make because I learned so dang much and networked with a lot of talented peers/professors! All in all, it was a mixture of schooling, work experience and being a self-taught editor that helped me a great deal with the work I do now.

I appreciate the Potterhead in Jenny.

5. What’s a typical work day like?

I film Geekgasm every Monday or Tuesday and edit the same day. I call it a 24-hour event and, boy, is it exhausting! Totally worth it, though. I usually set up around 2PM and start shooting by 3PM. A typical Geekgasm shoot takes about 2-3 hours. Once I’m done, I typically like to squeeze in a Jenny Derpenzo video which is a new character I’ve cooked up for my new YouTube channel called, This is Splendid. She is so much fun because her rants are entirely improvised. No edits/cuts. Very liberating! After I’m done shooting my content, I take a break to eat and junk but I jump straight into the editing process soon after. A typical Geekgasm editing session usually takes about 8 hours. It’s not rare for me to see the sun come up by the time I start exporting. And I don’t take any breaks. O_O Okay, maybe to pee. Like, once.

6. What sort of specific role do you play in keeping Aggressive Comix in business?

My main role in Aggressive Comix revolves around Geekgasm but I will soon be heavily involved in helping our new website take off very soon!

7. Are there a lot of women in your industry and at Aggressive Comix? Do you ever feel like you have to make a special effort to hold your own as a women, or are you treated as a total equal?

Aggressive Comix is still very small but the women are definitely outnumbered. On the bright side, I’ve always been treated as an equal on AC which is why I love working for them so much! As far as the industry goes, women are still outnumbered. For instance, in film school, it was totally normal to be in a class comprised entirely of dudes with the exception of maybe five girls or so. But I’m seeing more and more women take off as strong, successful YouTube content creators which is fantastic! I couldn’t be prouder! I, personally, have been treated as an equal in this career so far and I’m very grateful for that. Of course, I’ve come across some situations in which I wasn’t taken seriously at first and had to prove myself. Not just because I’m a gal, but because my fun-sized stature leads people to believe I’m way younger than I actually am. But those folks soon came to realize that I meant business.

A cosplayer after our own heart!

8. What’s the most interesting and exciting part of your job? What has been most rewarding part of your job?

The most interesting and exciting part of my job is definitely the creative aspect. Being able to to just put your work out there for others to enjoy is quite rewarding. This leads me to answering the second part of this question…

It’s rewarding because I see how it has positively affected people. It is not a rarity so receive a message from someone telling me that Geekgasm brings joy to their life. And thanks to this little show and the work that I’ve done on YouTube, I have met some of the kindest, most wonderful people. I now have pen pals from all over the world and they are such an incredible support system! I try my very best to respond to every message and love to give advice to those who want to embark on an artistic journey. Motivating and inspiring others is what I live for. And what makes it all the more wonderful is the fact that these folks motivate and inspire me too!

Jenny seems weird. We like weird.

9. What are some of the more unusual perks of your job?

As far as Geekgasm goes, I get to do a lot of my work in PJ’s and big, fluffy sweaters. :3 And, well, the fact that I get to continually let the child within come out and play. Sharing my weirdness with the world and all that jiggity jazz.

10. What would you offer as advice to someone who wanted to get into the same type of job as you?

I am a believer that you can accomplish anything, as long as the drive is there. YOU GOTTA HAVE THE DRIVE. Because it takes a ton of discipline to get up and JUST DO IT. You know? It’s so tempting to just sit around, scroll through your Facebook feed and get lost in cat videos. But 10, 20 years from now, that isn’t gonna do much for your future self. You’re future self is gonna be HULK SMASH ANGRY that you wasted so much time, you know? And everyone’s path is different. The way someone makes it in this industry may not be the same way you make it. You gotta make your own success. If you aren’t being given chances, take it into your own hands. Grab a camera, microphone, dress up a nice set for yourself, and hit the dang record button. While I do highly recommend film school, I also think one can be self-taught and succeed. I went to film school, myself. But I am a self-taught editor.

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