We’ve all seen that famous title scroll across the screen of our favorite TV shows… “Executive Producer.” It has piqued the interest of TV nerds everywhere. Who is an executive producer? What do they do for a TV show? How does one become an executive producer? What qualities does a good executive producer have? If you’ve ever been interested in this line of work, than you have to check out our interview with Executive Producer Rob Eric.

Rob Eric is notorious for being the Executive Producer of “The Quest” on ABC and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” For those who don’t know, The Quest is a reality show in the vein of LARPing and Lord of the Rings meets reality TV… and it’s geektastic. From Rob’s start at Capital Records and running his own skin care line, to making it all the way to Hollywood, creating and producing the critically acclaimed reality show, “The Quest” …find out how exactly Rob does what he does.

Rob shows off his Lord of the Rings toys, talks about LARPing and his own personal Top 5 Geek Loves (*spoiler alert* he likes Firefly!!!), and talks about what he thinks it takes to be a good Executive Producer. He shares the awesome perks and rewards of being in this line of work, talks about a few of his own “starstruck” moments meeting celebrities, and ends with some awesome words of encouragement, if you want to do what he does! In short, Rob’s an inspirational and awesome geek guy!

Make sure to follow all of Rob’s project progress on his Twitter, and check out Green Harbor Productions on IMDB!