Good day, my fine Iggles! I’m so excited about what I have to share with you today. I stumbled onto an Etsy shop with beautiful products that fit with this month’s Retro Gaming theme, & the proprietor graciously agreed to sponsor this giveaway + review for you!

The shop is called Hylian Crafts, & it offers a fine array of jewelry, keychains, & phone charms inspired by The Legend of Zelda! There’s even a friendship necklace combo, how cool is that?


Here’s a bit of interview I did with the man behind the magic.

How did Hylian Crafts get started?
Hylian Crafts kind of began as an “artistic venture” for an unemployed, broke college student. My mother gave me $20 one day and let me loose in Hobby Lobby and I stumbled across the perfect pieces to put together so they would resemble the fairies from Ocarina of Time. So I guess I have my mom to thank for the initial inspiration.

What are your top 5 geek loves?
I love, love, love The Legend of Zelda series (obviously, as everything in my store down to its name is tied in with the games. I’m trying to turn the world around me into Hyrule). I’m also a huge fan of Mass Effect, Adventure Time, cyberpunk science fiction, and I love to write.

If you could have any pen pal, real or fictitious, who would you choose & why?
I think Kim Pine from the Scott Pilgrim series and I would get along swimmingly. Or maybe Wallace, he seems pretty cool.

What is your earliest gaming memory?
When I was little, we’d go over to our family friends’ house and they had an original NES and Super Mario Bros. After we got it working (cursed dusty cartridges!) we’d always play through the first two levels. We never got past the first world, but it was a blast anyways.

Share with us your favorite quote.
“Youth culture FOREVER!!!” – Finn the Human


Good stuff! Speaking of good stuff, let me tell you a bit about the products I was granted to review for you- a Deku Nut Necklace & Navi-inspired Mini Fairy Bracelet.


I wore them constantly for a few days, & the fun didn’t wear off! Both items are a great size, & very shiny. They have inherent beauty, even for people who don’t recognize them as being Zelda-inspired. But you’ll love the looks you’ll get from people who DO recognize them! My favorite thing about the necklace is that the nut is locked into a fixed point on the chain instead of being a free-floating pendant– so you never have to worry about the clasp constantly finding its way around your neck. I also appreciated the toggle clasp on the bracelet, that makes it a bit easier in my experience to put bracelets on one-handed. Details like these make me feel like thought & care go into the process of this shop’s creations, instead of things merely being tossed together. So I’m confident you too would find joy in anything you could choose from Hylian Crafts! Communications with the shop are handled in a timely & professional fashion, so you needn’t fear asking any questions you may have about sizes & colors or anything. Plus, all of the prices are so very reasonable, so even if you don’t win this giveaway, you too can enjoy the Zelda goodness at little damage to your budget! In fact, I’m allowed to share with you a code for 15% off any order from Hylian Crafts: NAYRUSLOVE 

& now, the part you’ve all been waiting for, GIVEAWAY TIME:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fairy necklace is just like you can see here, & the heart container necklace is not available in the shop but you can take a look at the bracelet version that has the same charm!

Thanks again to Hylian Crafts for this opportunity!