New to the vlogging world and not quite sure where to start? Here are 5 helpful tips for those not quite used to being considered a ‘YouTuber’.

1. Make friends. Seriously, when I was a new ‘YouTuber’ this was the number one reason I did not give up. I found some of my first YouTube friends through the Nerdfighter community and other message boards. What will help is to find other channels with your range of subscribers (other newbies) and watch and comment on their videos sincerely. When you have friends on the website, not only will you help out each other out but it will make the whole experience even more fun.

2. Start strong. I don’t mean create a viral hit, because that won’t happen. What I mean is put your best foot forward in your first few videos, don’t hold back. Make sure that the content that you are uploading is original (you own all the aspects, yes that includes the music rights) and up to the standards you set for yourself. Make sure it’s something you’d watch and share yourself.

3. Edit. Edit your videos, please. When you shoot your first vlog you’ll ramble. (I still ramble whenever I film.) If you upload the raw footage it’s going to be too long and scatterbrained and no one will want to sit through it. You can edit out your ‘umms’ and your pauses and bloopers if you want, but even more important is it’s length. A good length for a vlog is 4 to 5 minutes. That’s not a rule but it’s a good guideline if you want people to sit through your entire video. Most computers come with some basic editing software and if you have a larger budget you can opt for something that will give you more options. I edit on Final Cut Pro.

4. Get the word out. I know it sounds scary at first but tell people you’re making videos on YouTube. Even if you don’t want to share your videos with your school or work friends on Twitter or Facebook, create an anonymous Tumblr around your genera and share your videos there. Self promotion is key to letting the not-so-YouTube-savvy know you have these great videos they can go watch for free. Just make sure to not get too spam-y about it. Don’t post your channel in the comments of someone else’s video without being asked to. Posting “Check out my channel!” copy-ed and pasted everywhere is only going to get your comments marked as spam and seriously annoy people.

5.  Don’t give up. You’re not going to get ‘YouTube famous’ overnight (or even ever!) You might not even get more than three of your friends and your mom to watch your videos at first. You even might get some dislikes and rude comments at the get go. That’s a part of starting out on YouTube. It takes time, but if you keep up with your YouTube friends and don’t stop making videos, you will build your audience. Rude comments simply mean that people you don’t know are finding your videos, and overall that’s a good thing. Have confidence in your content

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Jennifer Sargent