It’s back!

Welcome to the second IGGPPC House Competition! Get involved to help win for the glory of your house! House GlaDOS are reigning champions, can one of the other houses knock them from the top spot or will they walk away with the title for the second time?

Here’s all you need to know:

HOW TO WIN: First House to get to 250 points wins.

HOW TO ENTER: In your House Forum, find the thread marked ‘Second House Competition’, and post your entries there. Only entries posted in this thread will count for points.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN I ENTER: We want to encourage you to do each activity as many times as you can! BUT you can only post up to 3 times for each activity for points.

WHEN DO WE POST: From March 3 to April 3, or until a House reaches 250 points.

WHAT DO WE WIN: The winning House gets bragging rights and a fancy Facebook post! And hopefully you’ve had a fun time!

1. Do Good Iggles! 3 points
Drop food off at a food bank, donate a bag of clothing, adopt an animal through the WWF are just a few suggestions. Do some good in your community or further and make sure you snap a quick picture to share in the competition thread!

2. New Year/Fresh Start! 1 point
2014 has only just begun… Did you promise yourself to do something different this year or try something new? Maybe exercise more, read more, less drama, get a new job, doing something new that you’ve never done before? Post a photo of something that represents what you’re working on to be a better person.

3. Invite a Friend. 2 points
Get a friend to join up to IGGPPC or sign up for a pen pal round. Ask your friend nicely to snap a picture representing IGGPPC and post it in the thread or maybe they can pop into the thread and say hi and let us know who introduced them to IGGPPC!

4. Stationery Love. 1 point
Snap a picture of your favourite stationery that you use when writing letters to your pen pals!

5. Parcels. 1 point
Do you decorate the outside or the envelope you send to your pen pals? Maybe cover it in stickers? Show us your parcel prettiness! But make sure all addresses are hidden!

6. Cake! 1 point
March is the birthday month for IGGPPC! Bake a cake, buy a cake… just eat some cake! Post a picture of the cake you’re enjoying this month!

7. House Pride! 1 Point
No IGGPPC House Competition would be complete without a round of House Pride! Snap a pic of you repping for your house!

 Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!