Oh the irony of becoming the thing you’ve been hunting and killing the past year.


We start with the Avatar again. Okay, her name has been revealed. Melina seems to be stopping some phenomenon from occurring and is on the move with her invisible…guardian? Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her yet, but she still seems to be the most interesting hero (other than Miko.)

Speaking of Miko, she tried beating up a bunch of security guards. but was defeated by a new character, Harris Prime. He seems to know about Miko’s father and his power. He’s also wondering why Miko has Hiro’s sword. (Hiro! Does Hiro show up? No, he doesn’t.) Harris wants to get information from Miko, but Ren comes in to save the day and the two are off to America (it was as rushed as it sounds.)

HEROES REBORN -- "Under the Mask" Episode 103 -- Pictured: Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)


Meanwhile Harris, well at first he seemed to have healing powers like Claire, but there’s also a clone of him who has the same power. Harris is actually part of the bad corporation, Renautas. This episode we finally discovered more about them.

Renautas is being led by Erica Kravid and she wants Molly Walker bad. They have created a machine called EPIC that is able to find any Evo in the world (because of Molly.) Like Primatech, Renautas wants to round up all the heroes and discover their powers, but these guys are kicking it up a notch, especially now that the world knows. As cliché as it sounds, EPIC getting in the wrong hands would be horrible. However, I can’t decide if they are behind the June 13 bombing.

Noah and his new sidekick Quentin are still on the road to discovering what really happened on June 13. Coincidentally, Noah takes Quentin to a hospital he was also at on June 13 where Noah got into a fight with some security guards but again, remembers nothing. He finds out on a security camera Claire’s body (or is it?) was there and so was Molly Walker. Eventually Noah finds Molly, but she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Thanks Molly, this only leads to more questions than answers.



So when it comes to this part of the show, I’m good with it. I like these characters, I like this mystery about June 13, and why does Miko have Hiro’s sword? But alas, there are some people I’m just not that invested in.

Tommy! (Peter Pan.) His storyline with his crush, Emily, is pretty bland. The thing is I like Tommy, I like his power, and how he wants to keep a normal life. He’s tired of moving around and his mom being so paranoid. Tommy actually tells his mom about receiving texts from an unknown person who seems to be helping him.

Actually, Micha Sanders being the one helping and sending the messages would’ve been more interesting. In Heroes he became known as “Rebel.” Being a technopath he can get anyone out of any high security prison and send messages to help people. If it wasn’t revealed that it was the penny man, it would’ve been an interesting, yet obvious twist.

Tommy’s mom becomes so worried about him she goes to a party he was at and finds out the penny man is following him. She forces him to leave and is ready to run away again, when they get into a car crash.

Then there’s Carlos. I hate saying I don’t like him, but yeah I don’t. He has no powers and yet tries getting into these situations that could get him killed. Sure he has training from the army, but going up against someone with superhuman strength isn’t very smart. Apparently cops are taking Evos and Carlos is trying to save them and he does, but gets his ass kicked in the end. It is nice seeing them focus on someone without powers and still doing good. If only I could…connect with him more. If only we knew more about him.

Finally Luke and Joanne, who aren’t doing much at the moment. Luke discovers he has powers! Ha. At first I thought maybe fire powers after he heats a knife up, but it’s more like he gets power from the sun? Actually, I can’t wait to see where this goes, only because I dislike them so much.

Overall, the show is doing good despite some naysayers. Some heroes are more interesting than others, but there’s enough to keep you wondering: what happened on June 13? Is Renautas behind the bombing? Is there a third party we don’t know about yet?

But finally, finally, we should be seeing Hiro next episode.