The cheerleader was not saved and the world can’t survive without her. The first episode is called Brave New World, and a fun fact: this was supposed to be the name of the first episode of the fifth season, but since it never happened it’s only fitting for them to use it here. This was a two-parter, so I’m going to say what I thought about both episodes: they were good.

On June 13 in Odessa, Texas (a year before the present time of our story) something major happened that changed the way the world viewed Evos (or Evolved people as our heroes are now called.) What was supposed to be a large gathering of Evos and humans to form a better trust among one another ended in tragedy. But June 13 didn’t happen the way we believe it did!

Like Heroes, we’re following a few different storylines that will all come together later in the season. Some caught my attention, others didn’t. One that did was Miko (I think Heroes has to have a main character from Japan, because Miko and her new friend Ren reminded me so much of Hiro and Ando from the original.) Miko’s power is a little confusing. Apparently when she unsheathes her father’s sword it takes her into a video game, which is really cool. In there she is a sword master and discovers she has to save her father. Ren is familiar with the game and a book called “Katana Girl”, which is literally Miko’s life: past, present, and future. (Like I said, she’s like Hiro and his comic book.) The book was actually written by her father.


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There’s Tommy (Peter Pan for all you Once Upon a Time fans) who sort of has an ability like Hiro: teleportation. He can send people/things away, but doesn’t know where. Tommy is sort of a cliché teenager: he has a crush on a girl who is dating a bad guy and eventually discovers his power, and they become closer while trying to figure out his power. I don’t think their relationship (or whatever it is) is that exciting, but I do like Tommy.


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Moving onto a storyline that (for me) wasn’t exciting; Carlos, a war hero returning home. He wants to reconcile with his brother and nephew, but finds it’s not so easy. Actually, Carlos doesn’t have any powers (at the moment), but he soon discovers that his brother and nephew do (and even his priest.) I found the pace of Carlos’s story to be a bit slower than the others. Everyone else has powers and at least we get to see that, but Carlos is mostly just walking around, until he finds out his brother is the local vigilante saving people.

Of course we have our recurring character: Noah Bennet. Noah was there June 13, planning to meet up with his daughter Claire after they stopped talking (you know, the girl who revealed her powers to the world). Afterwards Noah asks his good friend, The Haitian, to wipe part of his memory and kill him if he ever comes around asking questions. Of course, Noah doesn’t remember doing any of this so when he finally snoops around for answers The Haitian attacks him, and he kills The Haitian in self-defence (which is heart-breaking for the original fans of Heroes).

Brave New World ends with us meeting the Avatar (that is not her name, but since we don’t know her yet that is how I see her), who says she can’t control whatever she’s controlling anymore. It looks like another eclipse that could create more heroes (Evos), and it sure is pretty.

Episode two, Odessa, reintroduces us to a girl named Molly Walker who has the ability to track down any person anywhere. Molly is trying to disappear and puts her faith in the wrong person, because she’s drugged and tied up by the bad guys of the season.

So far it seems there are two set of bad guys. One is a couple who was there June 13 and lost their son. Because of this they are set on revenge, and want to kill the Evos. Why are they not going after the people responsible for it instead? They think they’re doing the right thing when in fact it just makes them angrier and causes more relationship problems between them. Obviously, this isn’t helping them get over their son’s death. To be honest, I hate them more than Heroes’ bad guy, Sylar. At least Sylar tried to be good. These two have no reason to be doing this (nor do they have any other redeeming qualities that makes you like them).

hate them

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Then there’s Renautas, a company that is actually a cover-up for a “bagging and tagging” group. Not much is known about them yet, but they could be behind June 13, and it seems likely they are. Like Primatech before them, Renautas should only be taking an Evo for a few days, studying them, and taking them back to where they belong. Nothing more.

Unfortunately, no other “old” characters are back. Well, Mohinder Suresh is being blamed for June 13 and is apparently a terrorist, but we all know he could never do it (and plenty of characters say he didn’t). To be honest, I was thinking, “Where’s Hiro?” the entire time. I kept thinking maybe he’ll show up with Miko because of the sword fighting, maybe he’ll show up to help Noah… but nope, he never does. And it was a bit of a letdown.

Overall, I enjoyed both episodes. There are some references to old characters, but you could probably still keep up without watching the original series. Some parts were a little slow for me and the fact that they killed The Haitian wasn’t cool. Some characters I care about more than others, but that could change with the following episodes. It was good, and should start to pick up more as the apocalypse is coming, and the heroes will need to come together to stop it.

Just like old times.