With Spring comes fresh heroes and villains as well. Here I’m going to tell you why My Hero Academia is the shonen anime you should check out and will enjoy.

All Hero characters

The main cast, in their hero suits

Basic Story
Our story here, written by Kōhei Horikoshi, is about a world where genes have developed superpowers, or Quirks, in the people. This includes the majority of the world by the time our story begins. It revolves around Izuku Midoriya, one of few born without any such Quirk. His dream all his life has been to be a superhero like the best of the professional superheroes: All Might. Izuku has a chance encounter with his idol that ends in him gaining All Might’s Quirk. He then uses his ability to proceed into the top Hero school: U.A. High School. Izuku is looked down upon and made fun of by his middle school classmates due completely to the fact that he lacks a Quirk and that he has aspirations to become a hero in spite of that. Katsuki Bakugo, or Kacchan as Izuku calls him, is a former friend who leads the bullying on Izuku. Bakugo has a very strong Quirk and uses it repeatedly to bully Izuku and tries to cut in on Izuku’s dream. He even calls Izuku Deku, which he means to call him useless. In spite of all Bakugo’s taunts and threats Izuku musters the courage to attempt the entrance exam for U.A., the same school as Bakugo is planning to attend, and top hero school in Japan.

Simple Impression
The unique part of this shonen is that it doesn’t have the same feeling as others like Dragon Ball Z or Bleach or Naruto to me. It feels more similar to Hunter X Hunter, which I also enjoyed from start to finish. It provides “nostalgia” even though it’s an anime I have yet to see until now. It feels refreshing and unique. It very much reminds me of the times when I watched cartoons early on Saturdays.  It had me on my seat each and every week and does an excellent job introducing each of Izuku’s high school classmates. The pacing is excellent and felt like a nice introduction into this series and I will be reading the manga as well while I wait for more of this anime. The art style is interesting and the animation is well done. The action is phenomenal, especially so towards the final episodes. The comedy is also well done and is not overused, a problem I’ve seen in a lot of anime recently.

All Might and Izuku Training

Izuku on his first step to becoming a hero

Key Characters
We have our main character Izuku Midoriya, the successor. After years of emotional abuse from himself, his “friend” and other children, and unintentionally from his mother, he is very jumpy, easy to cry, emotional, and pessimistic about his life and future. After meeting his idol and being given an opportunity, he tries his hardest and surpasses expectations and impresses strangers. Izuku is very much aware that he doesn’t naturally have a Quirk like everyone else does, and works himself to the bone to earn the right to wield a Quirk.

Another important character, mentioned above, is All Might. Revered as the greatest hero and known as the symbol of peace, All Might arrives, smile on face, to deal with all villains he comes across. He has yet to disappoint the public or Izuku whenever he appears. All Might is essentially a take on American comic book heroes, noted in his dialogue, appearance, and the names of the attacks he uses. All Might allows Izuku to go about living his dream by granting him his Quirk and preparing him to handle its power.


Bakugo using his Quirk: Explosion

Rival to Izuku is Katsuki Bakugo or Kacchan. He has bullied Izuku for most of his life and is one of Izuku’s driving forces in pursuing his dream. Bakugo has a strong Quirk and has a cocky attitude. He is stronger than others, knows it, and wants everyone else to know as well. He and Izuku also have a very interesting relationship that develops early on in the series.

The other main characters, pictured in a group above, are also highly important; however, there are so many characters that they all can’t be included. However, as this anime continues I believe each character will get their time to shine.

The music very much helps each scene: action, suspense, and sweet moments for our main character. The opening song, “The Day” by Porno Graffitti, very much amps me up each episode, and each episode I listened to it. It features each of the high school classmates and an epic battle to hype viewers for the episode. The ending song, “Heroes” by Brian the Sun is also very nice and the video for it is the great “character running towards the beach/sunrise” for the majority of the song. It is a nice to way to calm oneself after each episode, and I also watched it each episode as well.

I would recommend My Hero Academia to anyone who like shonen anime and to anyone who also enjoys good action and that main character type personality: I’ll never give up on my dreams and I’ll work to make them come true, with help. If you enjoy superhero type stories, this is also a recommendation.

What were some of the things you enjoyed or did not enjoy from My Hero Academia? Do you disagree with my opinion? Did you not watch it for some reason? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.