Hello, our beautiful Iggles and Miggles! It seems like only yesterday we were talking about creating the IGGPPC… and today we have over 2,500 likes on Facebook, and have paired nearly 10,000 Iggles and Miggles! AND GUESS WHAT! We can finally say that we are turning one year old! On March 19, 2014, we’ll officially be celebrating our first birthday! We can’t contain the joy we have for such positive and engaged Iggles. We’re so lucky to have created a community that keeps on giving back to us in genuinely sweet ways. And because our community keeps on giving, we’re going to give back to you! We’ll be celebrating our birthday week beginning March 13th with a week of great IGGPPC and birthday themed giveaways! Here’s the line-up:

March 13, 2014: Enter to win IGGPPC House Pride pins from Synapse to Synapse!
March 14, 2014: Enter to win a Pink Champagne soy candle from Candelles!
March 15, 2014: Enter to win cute stickers from GirliePains!
March 16, 2014: Enter to win Curly Wurlies from the IGGPPC and stationery and stickers from Mel’s Eclectic Shop!
March 17, 2014: Enter to win a birthday cupcake beanie from the Knit Guru!
March 18, 2014: Enter to win a pen pal kit from Robotopia!
March 19, 2014: Enter to win a one-of-a-kind IGGPPC Iggly Nerdy Monster from Nerdy Monsters!

So stay tuned by checking back on our blog or on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out when we’ve posted that giveaway for the day. Once we post it, you can enter right here on our website and win a fabulous birthday prize to celebrate our first birthday!