Hatoful Boyfriend is one of those games you hear everyone mention but no one actually seems to get around to playing. So by the graces of boredom and the golden week sale on PSN last week, I bought it for $2.49.  I don’t know what I expected or was really thinking, but I was fresh out of games to play and literally up for anything. So I started a pigeon dating simulation that I kind of fell in love with.  

I’m a huge fan of visual novels as of late and can’t resist trying new ones. I had heard of the game for being infamous among Pewdiepie fans for being hilarious and I honestly didn’t care what I was dating as long as the story was good.  What I got was an entertaining, multiple replay montage of love, pigeons, and every twist you can imagine in a visual novel. So get ready for a recommendation that has to be one of our weirdest ever. Hatoful Boyfriend is here to steal your heart…as much as it can.

Ryouta your childhood friend.

Ryouta your childhood friend.

Hatoful Boyfriend: The Story

You are living in a world of human-like pigeons and attend an all bird high school as its only human student. The world has become a mesh of avian and human realms with birds taking over the more civilized side of things. You are in your second year of highschool and you decide to make connections with the other students after missing out on last year thanks to all your adjustments. You soon join a club and participate in the sports festival while choosing which electives you’d like to take. The school year takes three terms to complete, and each game session is around 45 minutes if you read everything.

Interesting Features:

  • After you complete each story new paths open up.
  • Doing the same steps over again doesn’t guarantee the same ending.
  • You have stats.
  • Large cast of characters and story branches.
  • You forget they’re pigeons after a bit.

Hatoful Boyfriend: The Characters

There are 14 endings you can get and 7 birds to date. Every Birdie has a unique personality in Hatoful Boyfriend: there are senpais, senseis, and childhood friends. Kanzuaki is your sleepy home room teacher and Shuu is the creepy infirmary doctor. Yuuya and his brother Sakuya are more than they appear. Negeki is the quiet type who spends his days reading away in the library or you can choose to fall in love with Anghel. The pudding obsessed Oka-san and your childhood best friend Ryouta are always nearby to keep things lively. There’s even a story about helping a friend tossed in that you can use to forget about your own love.

Nageki Asking you for book recommendations.

Nageki Asking you for book recommendations.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Overall Impressions

The game was overall pretty entertaining and wasted away an otherwise extremely boring night. The dialogue is almost always hilarious; the birds all have interesting stories and well-set-up personalities. You can save after the introduction bits and the save will update itself with every path you take and open up the new options as you unlock them. The text is also not overloaded on the screen, and plays in a normal text box instead of taking up the whole screen like a majority of visual novels. The normal price is around $10 USD and it’s definitely worth it for a unique experience and some great laughs. Invite some friends over and get yourself a treat: it’s time to pick a new birdfriend for yourself.

What’s a strange game have you played? Is it Hatoful Boyfriend, and if so who’s your feathered favorite?