We all dream of the perfect pen pal, but the reality of snail mail is filled with both joys and woes. Take a sneak peek at the characters of IGGPPC’s new comic, and prepare to experience the drama and fun of pen pal life!

Well met, Iggles!

Whether it’s finding a pen pal or managing to land one that sticks, there’s always something new and interesting about old-fashioned snail mail. Her Handwriting Rocks! is an upcoming comic about the trials and rewards of pen pal relationships, based on real experiences from a veteran pen pal-enthusiast!

Our first issue will be posted on September 16th, and continue every 3rd Friday of the month! For now, ready your pens with a sneak peek at the main characters!


Talie “Tally” is a level-headed young woman and a general “people person”. Her beauty and makeup vlogs are popular on the internet. Her main “geek love” is cosplay. Tally is a real “girly-girl”, and loves beauty products, small animals, and sweets of all kinds.

eunbi copy

Eun-bi is as tough as she looks, if not tougher. She’s laid back, but has a straight-forward personality and bluntness that lands her into trouble. Her main “geek love” is video games. Eun-bi likes geek-inspired cocktails, k-pop boy bands (shhh!), and cool cars.


A serious student and habitual worry-wart, Saneh is shy and has a great sense of responsibility. With her studious tendencies, she is incredibly organized and thoughtful. Her main “geek loves” are fantasy novels and various TV media. Saneh likes Bollywood media, pretty stationery, and international music.


Despite how she appears and acts, Alice is the oldest of the group. She runs her own jewelry and repair shop in Sweden. Her main “geek love” is manga and comics. Alice likes thrift shopping, metaphysical shops, and drawing.

Make sure to check out Her Handwriting Rocks! come September! Fair winds!